Othercide Comes Out For The PS4 This Summer, A New Trailer From PAX East 2020 Is Out Now

Othercide Comes Out For The PS4 This Summer, A New Trailer From PAX East 2020 Is Out Now
Credit: GameNewsOfficial via YouTube

PAX East was supposed to be a huge event for Sony. Unfortunately, threats of the Coronavirus have left them no choice but to forgo the event this year. That doesn’t mean they’re going to withhold their trailer reveals. Some have — in fact — start trickling in these last couple of days. One of the more memorable so far was for the game Othercide.

It shows an interesting black and white world that’s now teaming with monsters of otherworldly proportions. Based on the details given, a mother is in great agony. As she suffers, she calls out to her daughters. They’re her last hope at salvation. The monsters shown in the trailer are very unique. Some have multiple limbs while others are thin with horns.

These monsters are referred to as the Others. They’ve come from some other dimensions and judging by their actions, they mean business. The trailer shows a lot of the thematic elements featured in the Othercide. They look extremely unique with dark tones and moody aesthetics. You don’t often see these types of visuals in RPGs, so right away, Othercide stands out from the pack.

Looking at the description of the trailer reveal for the PS4, there will be a Dynamic Timeline System. It basically lets you plan out your attacks using all sorts of abilities. Thus, a lot of strategy seems to be involved. As you progress in the game, you’ll get to enhance the abilities of the Daughters and shape their personalities.

It’s also mentioned that there are epic bosses. They’re dread creatures of the Suffering and based on early impressions in this trailer, they seem like forces to be reckoned with. You’ll have to fine-tune each of the Daughters carefully in order to prevail, it seems.

The story in this RPG is rather unique. Not a lot is provided early on, which will force you to explore and learn more about this game’s lore. How did these monsters come about and what are their true intentions? These are questions you’ll seek answers to throughout your journey.

Right away, Othercide seems like one of the more unique RPGs coming out in 2020. It definitely is worth looking out for on the PS4 if you like gripping stories, unique visuals, and combat that forces you to think carefully about future attacks. Do you have what it takes to keep the Suffering from taking over? Find out this summer.