Origin PC Celebrates 10th Anniversary With The Big O 2.0. Gaming Tower That Combines A PC, Xbox One, PlayStation4, And Switch

Origin PC Celebrates 10th Anniversary With The Big O 2.0. Gaming Tower That Combines A PC, Xbox One, PlayStation4, And Switch
Credit: Mikeshouts

Custom-computer manufacturing company Origin PC celebrated their 10th anniversary with the launch of a super gaming tower called the Origin PC Big O 2.0. This is not the first time the company surprised the industry with a console combination build. The Big O 2.0 is a tribute to the original 2009 release, the Origin PC Big O which combined a gaming PC and an Xbox 360 only.

“2019 edition of the Big O combines the Xbox One X, a PS4 Pro, a Nintendo Switch and a high-end gaming PC into our flagship Genesis desktop chassis. The Big O is a testament to a hard work and creativity when it comes to PC building,” the company stated in a move that has been dubbed as ”the end of console wars.’ Everyone knows how splendid the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and Nintendo are when it comes to gaming performance.

Xbox One X is the latest console from Microsoft though ‘Project Scarlett,’ the next Xbox, has already been announced.

On the other hand, PS4 Pro is the best you can get from Sony, which has also confirmed PlayStation5. Considering the two releases are Next-Gen consoles, the Big O 2.0 should remain a blockbuster for the next three to four years.

The Nintendo Switch is detachable and fits into a dock on the chassis. It is concealed by a hinged cover. Even though the Switch Lite is here, the Original Nintendo Switch still rocks!

The remaining area of interest is the gaming PC configuration, and the Florida-based company didn’t disappoint. Origin PC revealed that the unit boasts an Intel Core i9-9900K processor and an Nvidia Titan RTX GPU which are also the latest from Intel and NVIDIA. The two are backed up by a 64GB Corsair Dominator Platinum RGB RAM. The components are all mounted on an MSI MEG Z390 GODLIKE CPU motherboard.

The PC is liquid-cooled, and so is the Xbox and PlayStation in a color-coded layout. Of course, the panel is clear so you can see all the components and the RGB lighting too. The unit comes with an HDMI switcher to allow for easy display swapping. The built-in 4K video capture cards, on the other hand, enable 4K recording and streaming.

Guessing the price of this gaming monster would be such a tall order. Unfortunately, you won’t be seeing the Origin PC Big O 2.0 on the shelves. But the company boasts a range of custom gaming rigs including Origin PC Chronos, Neuron, Millennium, and Genesis.