OPL – Legacy Esports Took Down Team Order In Oceanic Pro League Split Summer Split Final

OPL – Legacy Esports Took Down Team Order In Oceanic Pro League Split Summer Split Final
Credit: League of Legends via YouTube

Legacy Esports were crowned the champions of the Oceanic Pro League’s Second Split after defeating Team Order 3-1 in the grand finals. The League of Legends team secured back-to-back split titles and their ticket to the 2020 World Championship as the region’s sole representative.

Legacy’s top laner Topoon showed in this series exactly why many in the OCE region consider him to be the player with the highest ceiling. He has the ability to flex between playing utility and carry champions. In this series, he was constantly up CS in lane, winning aggressive trades, and looked monstrous in late-game teamfights on each of the three champions he played.

In game one, the tone of the series was set immediately with Legacy’s bot lane winning a two-vs-two for first blood. And just a minute later, Topoon escaped from a two-vs-one gank with his life intact and a kill with the help of a few tower shots. From there, the team rarely looked challenged.

Isles, Legacy’s support player who was just crowned rookie of the split earlier in the day, hit almost every one of his Lux bindings during the match to help set up some big Mega Inferno Bombs from the Ziggs in their mid lane. After Legacy secured the Infernal Soul, the game didn’t last much longer.

Legacy failed to replicate the same kind of dominance in the second match, however. The team opted to substitute their starting mid laner out in favor of a more carry oriented player in Halo. But having recently joined the roster, Halo looked a little tepid during the match and was unable to influence the game in any meaningful way. Order won this game just as quickly as they had lost the first.

The third and fourth matches swung dramatically back in favor of Legacy, though, after they subbed their usual starting player, Tally, back into the lineup. Again, it was Topoon who secured early leads for the team in both matches. On Renekton especially, a pick that he’s 5-0 on during this split, Topoon hit his early Blade of the Ruined King power spike thanks to his dominant laning phase. And from there, he bullied his enemies away from any important objectives for the remainder of the match.

The team effectively snowballed their early leads, almost achieving a perfect game in the third match if it weren’t for a last-minute kill secured by Order as their Nexus was being destroyed.

Legacy have participated in the Oceanic region’s top-flight league for several years now but have only been able to achieve success this year. Now, with back-to-back titles, Legacy will be soaring into the Worlds’ play-in tournament later this year with supreme confidence.