With All Twelve Soulbindings Revealed For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Which Is Best For You?

With All Twelve Soulbindings Revealed For World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands, Which Is Best For You?
Credit: World of Warcraft via YouTube

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is approaching swiftly, and fans are eager to get their hands on as much information as possible. Recently, all twelve possible Soulbindings were released so that everyone could begin considering which Covenant they’ll swear allegiance to.

With the Covenant mechanic, players will be picking one of four factions to champion. Once sworn to a cause, they’ll then have another choice between which three paths to Soulbind themself to within that Covenant.

Each Covenant has a theme, which the Soulbindings will generally follow, meaning that some classes and roles will have a definite benefit from picking certain factions that compliment them. With so much to choose from, we’re here to help you decide which to pick!

The Venthyr Covenant of the realm of Revendreth provide some of the most interesting possibilities of their three Soulbindings, so consider the following options:

  • General Draven of the Venthyr provides multiple buffs to movement speed, stamina, and damage, as well as buffing allies. This is especially useful for Tanks and aggressive melee classes.
  • Nadjia the Mistblade presents a great deal of utility, increasing movement speed, giving stuns, and buffing enhancement items. This binding compliments Melee DPS classes with high mobility.
  • Theotar the Mad Duke gives pure utility. With free herbs and transmogrification, as well as longer-lasting combat potions and instant Door of Shadows, this is a universally decent choice for all.

If the militaristic Venthyr aren’t your style, you may prefer the equally-grim Necrolord Covenant. Expect the following options:

  • Bonesmith Heirmir grants a great mix of sustain and damage buffs, as well as high mobility. This Covenant is a universally good choice for PvE in general, especially those that lack sustain.
  • Emeni presents a mix of utility and survivability, with traits that increase max health, grant shields, and grant magic reduction. Tanks and solo players may prefer this Binding.
  • Plague Deviser Marileth presents powerful single-target damage through abilities like Plaguey’s Preemptive Strike, as well as utility through free repairs and opening locks. While generally useful for all, Rogues would find the Keyring trait redundant and useless.

The Kyrian Covenant provides a great amount of protection, and generally compliments tanks, but can provide plenty of utility for all:

  • Forgelite Prime Mikanikos provides minimal damage improvements, but a great amount of damage reduction buffs, including heavily reducing fall damage and all subsequent damage.
  • Kleia provides a bit more damage and would excel for players who enjoy playing in groups, with traits such as Mentorship providing a group-wide health buff.
  • Pelagos is a general utility Binding that doesn’t quite offer the survivability of the other Kyrian options. Traits such as Walk Together make this an excellent Covenant for profession farming alts.

Finally, the Night Fae Covenant grants a solid deal of utility that tends to compliment spellcasters:

  • Dreamweaver provides movement speed buffs, CC-breaking abilities, and a phoenix-like rebirth ability. This binding excels for group play, especially for Healer classes.
  • Korayn is an excellently offensive option, removing weapon durability damage and increasing movement speed and damage with a variety of attacks. DPS classes will find this exceptionally useful.
  • Finally, Niya provides a solid mix of offense and utility. This Binding presents free herbs, as well as movement-slowing and high-damage abilities through passive traits.