LCK – Gen.G Took Down Afreeca Freecs In League Champions Korea Summer Split 2020 Playoffs

LCK – Gen.G Took Down Afreeca Freecs In League Champions Korea Summer Split 2020 Playoffs
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Gen.G beat Afreeca Freecs 3-0 to move on to the next round of the 2020 LCK Summer Split playoffs.

All of the players on Gen.G looked ruthless , demolishing AFS in every possible lane. These dominating performances allowed three different members to secure the Player of the Game awards. Clid, Ruler, and Life were the Gen.G players to receive the awards for their outstanding play in this League of Legends series.

The match began on a high note for Gen.G. They put up a huge performance in the first game, destroying AFS in 24 minutes. They managed to get more than a kill per minute, a feat that only the LPL is recognized for.

In the second game, Gen.G replicated their success, dismantling AFS and not allowing them to take a single neutral objective or tower. They gave up five kills in reckless and hectic teamfights, but overall, it was a clean game from Gen.G. They got more than a kill per minute once again, farming the AFS players around the map.

AFS picked things up in the third game and finally managed to secure their first tower of the series. They started standing up to Gen.G’s aggressive moves and punished them. AFS came out ahead in a couple of teamfights. But as Gen.G got stronger, they started destroying AFS.

Even though AFS outnumbered Gen.G in the teamfight where they could turn things around, it wasn’t enough for them to the fight. Four players on Gen.G did more damage than AFS expected, acing the squad to knock them out of the playoffs.

With this win, Gen.G will move on to the next round to face DRX. The winner will advance to the LCK Summer Split finals to face off against Damwon Gaming, who took over the Korean League scene this year by dismantling everyone in fast-paced games.

The DRX vs. Gen.G matchup has huge World Championship implications. If Gen.G win, then both Gen.G and Damwon will qualify for Worlds. If DRX makes it to the finals and defeat Damwon, however, then Gen.G and DRX will qualify while Damwon will be sent to the finals of the LCK Regional Qualifier.

Gen.G had a great split overall, taking down the top teams easily during the regular split. Former World Champion Ruler has been looking fantastic. He joined Gen.G in 2016 and has stayed with the organization ever since, winning the organization’s World Championship in 2017. Going forward, he is the pinnacle which Gen.G need to protect to have a shot at this year’s World Championship.