One Particularly Entrepreneurial Animal Crossing Player Has Started A Weed Pulling Service

One Particularly Entrepreneurial Animal Crossing Player Has Started A Weed Pulling Service
Credit: Animal Crossing via Nintendo

Weeds are abundant in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Once you get your island, you’ll find a good amount of trees, a few trusty rocks, and a copious amount of pesky, unwanted weeds. Animal Crossing is a very good-looking game and the weeds aren’t necessarily an eyesore, but they will eventually get in the way of something you want to build.

Long story short, you will be pulling weeds. You’ll be pulling lots of them. It’s not all bad. They can be used in a few DIY recipes. They can also earn you Nook Miles. Still, eventually it will stop being worth it and you’re going to dread the task. That’s where WeedCo. comes in.

WeedCo is a weed removal service launched by Reddit user tybat11. If you sign up for a slot, either tybat11 or one of his employees (at the time of this writing, he has, in fact, one employee) will show up on your island and go to work pulling weeds. Better yet, it’s free! Of course, you can always donate if you’re feeling generous.

If pulling virtual weeds sounds like your idea of fun, the WeedCO CEO is also accepting applications.

“If you’re interested in becoming a WeedCo employee send me a 30 second clip of your weeding skills and we might consider you for the job. And yes, if you pass the exam, you will earn yourself a WeedCo uniform.”

Yes, they do have custom uniforms, and they’re pretty awesome. And tybat11 obviously cares who wears his uniform, because he wants to see 30 seconds of “weeding skills.” What could the criteria be? Speed? That has to be it, right?

So far, there’s more interest in joining WeedCo than hiring them for their services, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have their fair share of customers. Pulling weeds in Animal Crossing does not take a long time, but if someone leads a busy life, maybe they only have time to pop in and take care of the important stuff. And at the same time, the service is free, so why not? Some people might be hiring the service just to add to the life simulation aspect of the game.

Opinions aside, nobody can deny that tybat11 has tapped into something here. It’s pretty clever and he deserves props for recognizing a demand that nobody realized was there. What do you think he does with all the weeds?