A Fan Of The Life Simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons 3D-Prints A Phone Stand Modelled By The Game’s Crescent Moon Chair

A Fan Of The Life Simulator Animal Crossing: New Horizons 3D-Prints A Phone Stand Modelled By The Game’s Crescent Moon Chair

Recently, a user of Animal Crossing: New Horizons used their 3D printer to make a lovely phone stand modeled after the Crescent Moon Chair from the game. The 3D printed piece demonstrates the usefulness of the furniture item from Animal Crossing: New Horizons as a device holder and provides a novel way for players to display a part of the video game in their homes.

It’s no surprise that the Animal Crossing: New Horizons audience would like to create physical manifestations of the game’s many adorable pieces of furniture and other stuff. Many community members have taken the opportunity to bring their creations from the life sim to the real world. These include fan favorites like the Froggy Chair and Raccoon Wall Clock and unique things like Brewster’s Coffee and Mom’s Homemade Cake that are given as gifts to players.

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It’s understandable why a fan would wish to replicate the Crescent Moon Chair for personal use or as a decorative accent, given the chair’s stunning visual appearance.

Reddit user ButtonHeartCreations displayed their 3D printing prowess by showing us the Crescent Moon Chair phone stand they made for the game. Fans of the in-game chair would probably appreciate the Redditor’s excellent effort because they cared to add features like the star charm hanging from the chair’s back.

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And to hold the Crescent Moon Chair, ButtonHeartCreations crafted a stand worthy of the cosmos, complete with rare Star Fragments from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Again, fans would appreciate the extra detail, given that Star Fragments are needed to construct the chair in-game.

Several things from Animal Crossing: New Horizons may be found at ButtonHeartCreations. The designer incorporated designs from in-game Do-It-Yourself (DIY) recipes, unique tickets from Saharah, Tom Nook, and other locations, and recognizable in-game emblems into wearable and decorative items that fans would appreciate. Knowing how passionate the community can get, fans should investigate these offerings before they disappear from shelves entirely.