Those That Play On Switch Sports Will Receive Compensation Once The Service Is Restored Tomorrow

Those That Play On Switch Sports Will Receive Compensation Once The Service Is Restored Tomorrow
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After the release of Update 1.2.1, Nintendo announced that the game’s online networks would be pulled down so that the game developer could examine a fault causing the game to crash for no apparent reason. In addition, the update was designed to implement additional methods that would assist Nintendo in identifying and catching players who cheated or exploited vulnerabilities; nevertheless, the upgrade resulted in widespread crashing for a significant section of the game’s player base.

Fortunately, the creators of Switch Sports have been putting in a great deal of effort, and they have confirmed through an update on Nintendo’s Japanese website that the game’s online servers will be back and functioning normally tomorrow (thanks, VGC).

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The date of October 18 has been set for the return of online play; however, we will need to wait a few more days for the game to be wholly rectified; the date of October 20 has been set for the return of saved data backups; however, this date is still open to change. Be informed that in order for the corresponding patches to take effect, you will be required to ensure that both updates have been downloaded.

Players who were unable to access their saved games due to the temporary shutdown of the game’s online servers will receive compensation from Nintendo for the time they were unable to play. If you are a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber and have played Switch Sports, your subscription will be extended by one week at no additional cost.

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In addition, if you play the game between October 18 and November 3, you will be able to obtain double the in-game points that you would normally earn for playing online. Since it appears that Nintendo is making a sincere effort to make amends, we will, for the time being, let it off the leash.