One Of Twitch’s Most Popular Streams Is Now Producing Artisanal Mustard, So Forget The G-Fuel Collaboration.

One Of Twitch’s Most Popular Streams Is Now Producing Artisanal Mustard, So Forget The G-Fuel Collaboration.
Credit: Overwatch League

The typical Twitch streaming stereotype has never applied to Octavian “Kripparian” Morosan. He did not enjoy the repeated cries of “LET’S GOOOO!” or the rival high school drama. He probably won’t be doing any broadcasting from a hot tub. Instead, the 34-year-old Canadian has grown one of the largest crowds on the internet through nightly Hearthstone streams, along with a little Path of Exile thrown in, probably to keep him sane. His dry humor and less spicy criticisms of the random number generator (RNG) in card games are well-liked by his audience.
Therefore, I think that on some bizarre level, it makes sense that Kripp chose to establish his line of artisanal mustard rather than accept sponsorship from one of those garishly colored, highly caffeinated powdered gamer beverages.

At the moment, Kripparrian’s Spicy Pretzel Mustard is available on Amazon for a reasonably priced price of $19.99. Players of Battlegrounds will naturally quickly understand the allusion to one of the hardest milestones in the mode: “Spicy Pretzel Mustard” is only given to players who finish a game in the first place while also winning every single round. Let it be known that I do not own this accomplishment, having to make do with “Pretzel Mustard,” which only takes winning a game without dropping any rounds.

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The blurb for the genuine IRL condiment says as follows: “Hand-trimmed, hand-chosen, hand-peeled horseradish roots are used to make Kripparrian’s Spicy Pretzel Mustard. After being peeled, the horseradish is ground one piece at a time.” Although it’s not clear who exactly is in charge of producing the mustard, I believe it is reasonable to infer that the great man himself is not caring for these roots.

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The fact that the recipe has already been “inducted into the Mustard Hall of Fame in Middleton, Wisconsin” gives me some comfort. I have no idea how impressive that is, but as I sit here and read the description again, I find myself getting hungry in a way that Razer’s Respawn chewing gum never has.
Given that Kripp is a self-proclaimed vegetarian or vegan, the sauce is vegan-friendly. I’m going to expense a jar now out of an interest in full journalism and report back in the comments when it comes.