New World Of Warcraft Update To Include A Long-Anticipated Worgen And Goblins Improvements, Patch 8.2.5 Will Have A PTR Launch Soon

New World Of Warcraft Update To Include A Long-Anticipated Worgen And Goblins Improvements, Patch 8.2.5 Will Have A PTR Launch Soon
Credit: Dalaran Gaming via YouTube

Blizzard Games just announced the long-awaited release of World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth will soon be available on PTR. The previous update, Patch 8.2 was released live on the World of Warcraft server just a month ago, and the next one is already on the way. This new update would include several exciting additions, including the anticipated visual improvement for the Worgen and goblins characters. Players should expect several changes to the models from how they look and their animations.

Additionally, November 15 would be World of Warcraft’s 15th Anniversary, and the game developers have several planned activities and surprises for players. Not to spoil the fun, but logged-in players during the duration of the week-long event will be receiving the ‘Celebration Package.’ Each player will receive a mail allowing them to own a Lil’ Nefarian pet. The surprise does not stop there as participating players also get various in-game rewards during the week-long celebration.

There will also be a three-team raid event where players get to encounter iconic characters from previous expansions. The Alterac Valley is also a featured battleground during the Anniversary game and players who finish achievements get a chance to win two newly added mounts. The Horde’ Frostwolf Snarler and the Alliance’ Stormpike Battle Ram are up for grabs during the event. Also, players who defeat all of the nine bosses win the Obsidian Worldbreaker and the Deathwing inspired Black Dragonflight.

Barry the Beekeeper is also making a scene during the event by asking for help with quests. The adventure will return Alliance players with exciting prizes. Players are advised not to forget talking with Bary and the Stormstorng’s Beekeepers so they can get started on a real fun adventure. Aside from the mentioned in-game celebration events, there are still more for players to anticipate.

Also coming in Patch 8.2.5 is the revamped version of Recruit-A-Friend. This feature, along with the Party Sync system, is going through an extensive PTR test to prove its reliability. These two in-game features are great ways to share the fun and play together. Both these features allow players to stay connected and do adventures together.

There are lots of in-game improvements to watch out for, and Patch 8.2.5 will be out for the PTR test soon. World of Warcraft Classic is also expected for release on the 27th of August.