New Details Emerge Regarding Doom Eternal’s Multiplayer Battlemode; Will Feature 5 Playable Demons Initially

New Details Emerge Regarding Doom Eternal’s Multiplayer Battlemode; Will Feature 5 Playable Demons Initially
Credit: Shacknews via YouTube

Doom Eternal has been on the minds of pretty much every gamer as of late. The Doom franchise is renowned for its all-out action and intense demon combat, and this latest installment seems like the best one yet.

The weapons look spectacular with their insane aesthetics and destructive properties. The enemy variety also looks as good as it has ever been. Fans are truly in store for something special, where they’ll get to control a lone marine to save the fate of the universe.

Much is being made of the multiplayer modes. Those interested in learning more about them can rest easy, as a lot of great information came out of QuakeCon. This annual event always showcases Doom games and other amazing projects that are in the works.

Battlemode was one aspect of multiplayer that received a lot of spotlight. The mode’s design is pretty simple. There’s one Slayer and two player-controlled demons. There aren’t just one or two demons that users will get to choose between. There are a total of five at launch. That’s pretty incredible. It should give demon players plenty of variety to keep Battlemode fresh.

Each of these demons will have unique aesthetics and attributes. It appears they also will have special hazard abilities. For example, demons can set traps that the Slayer will run into. Or, they can call smaller demons to attack the Slayer based on their location.

These subtle details should make this multiplayer mode that much better and give Slayers something to really think about. It won’t be one of those modes that you can just run and gun. Instead, a lot of strategy will be involved.

For the Slayer, they will have a lot of weapons at their disposal. There’s something for every combat situation, whether you prefer to snipe across the stage or use melee-based attacks with a brutal chainsaw.

To help Slayers across the stage, there will be two portals. They should help Slayers find resources a lot faster and quickly escape to safe areas when being hunted down by the player-controlled demons. Best of all, demons will not be able to access these portals. Slayers thus have a mobility advantage if they’re in the right area.

From everything shown of Battlemode, it’s shaping up to be one of the best aspects of Doom Eternal. Expect to see a lot of killing and intense action from start to finish.