Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Is Receiving Two New Monsters And A New Weapons Feature In Upcoming Update

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Is Receiving Two New Monsters And A New Weapons Feature In Upcoming Update
Credit: Arekkz Gaming via YouTube

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne has been an impressive expansion all in all. It has done exceptionally well on the Steam platform, and although the PC version started off a little rocky, things seem to be clicking along just fine.

It’s one of the more impressive expansions to date, regardless of genre. The icy landscapes, new quests, and of course, formidable monsters have provide hours and hours of excitement. It has been out for quite a while now and has gradually gotten better via updates. A new one is set to release later on this month, and with it, a lot of new things are being added.

Let’s start off talking about the new monsters. There will be two additions: Raging Brachydios and Furious Rajang. The former is a Brute Wyvern and a variant of the monster that appeared back in Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate. That should bring on some nostalgia if you grew up playing this series over the years. It’s a unique monster particularly because of its slime mold. It can explode as you get close. You also have to watch out for its exploding puddles.

Furious Rajang is one of the more anticipated monster additions, particularly because of his rage mode. You’ll notice it being activated when Rajang’s hair stands up and gets surrounded by an electrical aura. That’s when you’ll have to be active and ready for powerful attacks. If you thought normal Rajang was a formidable opponent, wait until you go toe to toe with this enhanced version.

In addition to these two new monsters, this update is bringing along a new weapon feature. More specifically, there will be a layered weapons option that basically means players can change up the aesthetics of their weapons without having to change stats. It definitely has been one of the more requested features ever since this icy expansion released back in September.

If you like customization and want to personalize your character even more, this layered weapons feature is a delight and should make your experiences all the more personal. Capcom really is doing everything they can to make Iceborne an even better experience for players. That’s amazing considering how great of an expansion it already is.

As we move forward in 2020, you can bet Capcom will keep these updates coming. There has thus never been a better time to be a fan of the Monster Hunter series. Who knows what monsters and weapon systems are on the horizon?