Minion Masters Releases The Quest For Mountainshaper Expansion, Makes Crystal Conquest DLC Free

Minion Masters Releases The Quest For Mountainshaper Expansion, Makes Crystal Conquest DLC Free
Credit: Xbox via YouTube

Minion Masters has released their biggest expansion to date, including the arrival of new game modes and an entire new faction of minions to play with.

The new game mode, Adventures, is a single-player rogue-like experience. Players choose between the unique masters to gather new Minions and find unique Relics to use against an army of bosses. Each of these runs is a unique experience with a number of factors that keep things fresh, including new bosses and rewards.

In the Adventure game mode, you’ll build your deck as you go, somewhat similar to how Hearthstone does their single-player runs. There are five different playable Masters that come with unique abilities, perks, and unlockable affinity cards. Players will recognize these new Masters as cards that are already in the game, and not as completely standalone new Masters. In reward for defeating the various bosses, players will unlock relics and treasures to improve their decks and progress their accounts. There’s even a hard mode for those that really want a challenge!

They’ve also added in the new Stoutheart faction, a reclusive mountain-dwelling race, to all game modes. These Stouthearts include multiple new mechanics, including Revelry, Slow, Spin attacks, Caber, and a few others.

The adventure contains three separate chapters. The first two are already available, with the third chapter arriving on the 13th of December (exactly a week from today!) Through these chapters, players will earn Power Tokens to earn new cards and currency, as well as experience and exclusive Avatars. There’s even a Legendary card floating around for you to earn!

The first chapter is completely free. To unlock the second and third chapters, however, players will need to purchase them with the premium Rubies currency at 1,400 each. These chapter purchases also include two new Masters, so it turns out to be a pretty good deal.

Finally, Minion Masters is currently giving out their previous DLC, the Crystal Conquest, for free up until December 9th. If you download it before then, you get to keep it forever! The DLC comes with plenty of cards, including a legendary, some supremes, and multiple other surprises. The DLC is normally $15 (which is still a steal compared to what you get), so getting it for free is a can’t-miss opportunity.

The Quest for Mountainshaper is currently in full effect, with new events and conquests going on every day. If you’ve been eyeing the game but hesitated on jumping in, now is the best time possible to come start your journey.