Glob Game Studos Lets You Explore The World After Being Shrunk Down To The Size Of An Ant In Their Upcoming Game MicroMan

Glob Game Studos Lets You Explore The World After Being Shrunk Down To The Size Of An Ant In Their Upcoming Game MicroMan
Credit: Glob Games via Youtube

Developed by Glob Games Studio, MicroMan is set to launch on PC through Steam in 2021. There are planned releases for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and the Nintendo Switch versions to follow the PC release. In this unique title, you must look at the world around you from a new and unique perspective.

MicroMan is like the video game version of “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids,” and it provides a unique challenge when you are only an inch tall. See the world from a new perspective and overcome challenges as you seek to reverse your small size.

MicroMan will challenge you to face adversity that would be considered not a problem for most people. There is a dynamic and multifaceted adventure as players take on the challenges of the world. Fighting rats, running away from hedgehogs, trying to get on the bus, and avoiding human feet are only a few of the challenges that await you in this humor-filled adventure.

This will be a single-player experience as players must adapt to the combination of adventure, arcade, and survival game genres. You play as a laboratory worked who, due to an unfortunate accident in the lab, falls into the experimental reduction capsule and gets shrunk to the size of an ant.

The goal is to return back to your normal size. The gameplay itself will make this a difficult and long journey as you face off against powerful enemies. To make the journey a bit, shorter players can find unusual means of transportation as they overcome obstacles and maintain their survival.

The one thing to do is keep creativity in mind as this adventure will make you think outside the box. Enjoy the stylish graphics mixed with solid music as you explore this humor-filled adventure.

There is still a ton of information still to be discovered about this title. According to developers, MicroMan will have some feature allowing decisions to affect the gameplay directly. How this will be implemented is still unknown, but it is sure to have a massive impact on the end result of this game’s development.

Despite the lack of information, the game still looks like a fun adventure. Think outside the box as you adapt to your small stature and make your way through the bustling city. Determine the fate of MicroMan and help him find a capsule to reverse the effects of the experiment gone wrong.

MicroMan does have a trailer along with a Steam Page for those who want to wishlist this title. Get ready for an epic adventure at a small scale as you battle against nature itself at half the size.