Media The Creators Of The Witcher And Cyberpunk 2077 Are No Longer The Most Expensive Polish Company

Media The Creators Of The Witcher And Cyberpunk 2077 Are No Longer The Most Expensive Polish Company
Credit: GN24

According to the Polish publication Business Insider, CD Projekt is no longer the most valuable gaming company in Poland.

The place of the creators of The Witcher and Cyberpunk 2077 was taken by Techland, which released a series of zombie action movies Dying Light.

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Journalists reported that the market value of CD Projekt is now estimated at $2.07 billion (just under PLN 10 billion), while Techland’s is $2.2 billion (about PLN 10.6 billion).

The indicators of the “projects” had dipped very much since the end of 2020 when the capitalization of the Polish team was estimated at $8.2 billion (about 40 billion PLN).

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One way or another, Techland’s market value is potential since it is impossible to estimate its genuine value because it did not enter the exchange. Therefore, the cost is calculated based on the price per share of PLN 60.

Currently, CD Projekt is busy developing a new part of The Witcher.

At the same time, Techland continues to support the zombie action game Dying Light 2, which was released in February and began work on a big-budget open-world fantasy action game with the direct participation of the former designer of the Witcher 3 RPG: Wild Hunt” and the GWENT card game.

In a previous post, Polish studio CD Projekt RED has officially announced the next big game in The Witcher universe.

The assignment is being developed closely with Epic Games on the Unreal Engine 5 engine and will “start a new saga.”

The developers have entered into a multi-year strategic partnership with Epic Games but will continue to use their REDengine technology to develop additional content for Cyberpunk 2077.

Currently, CDPR does not share information about production and release date timing. There are also no details about the game itself, except that it will again have an open world.