Soullike Thymesia Was Postponed For The Second Time This Time For Only A Few Days, Up To August 18

Soullike Thymesia Was Postponed For The Second Time This Time For Only A Few Days, Up To August 18

Initially, the release was planned for the 9th.

Taiwanese studio OverBorder made this decision after player feedback on the latest demo.

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The writers want to ensure Thymesia comes out at its best, so the extra few days will help improve the final game’s quality.

Thymes was originally going to be released in December 2021, but the release was eventually delayed until August 2022.

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Thymes is an action RPG inspired by other soul likes. The game occurs in a plagued kingdom where the main character fights monsters and bosses to get their skills.

In a previous post, The release date was announced by developers from Taiwanese studio OverBorder in a gameplay trailer.
The events of Thymesia will unfold in a fictional kingdom that has suffered a plague. The main character will be a certain Corvus, who has lost his memory.

The player will be able to master the diseases of the slain bosses to use them as a weapon or skill. The main character can also become a crow and attack enemies with sharp feathers.

The authors note that the ending will depend on the decisions made during the game and the items collected.

Thymesia will only be released on PC via Steam and the current generation of consoles. However, you can download an action demo from the Valve store.

In Thymesia, players will have to survive and take back disease weapons from the bosses. The protagonist does not remember why the streets were filled with monsters, but the key to saving the kingdom is somewhere in his lost memories.

Now Thymesia will release on August 18 instead of August 9. Soullike was initially scheduled to release on December 7, 2021, for PC only. The release was then pushed back to 2022, and versions for the PS5 and Xbox series were added.