Manor Lords Has A New Trailer Out Now, Which Breaks Down Gameplay

Manor Lords Has A New Trailer Out Now, Which Breaks Down Gameplay
Credit: Manor Lords via YouTube

Manor Lords is looking like a very realistic and in-depth city building strategy game. Slavic Magic — the game’s developer — has clearly created a massive world filled with endless possibilities based on trailers that have come out since this game was first teased back in August.

It has a very intriguing medieval setting featuring organic city-building. Everything about it so far checks off all the boxes, from the realistic towns and villages the developer used as inspiration to the convenient and limitless features players will have access to.

And now, there’s a new trailer that shows more of what’s in store from a gameplay standpoint. The game is still in development, but it’s clear Slavic Magic has something special on their hands as indicated by the most recent pre-alpha footage.

A basic breakdown of the city-building mechanics are discussed. There are many regions and each one has its own development trees. Players will upgrade villages to earn more tree paths that they can use however they please.

Since the regions have different characteristics, players will decide how to best use the resources available. For example, some areas are better for farming and then other areas provide better financial resources for handmade goods.

To build wealth, players will have to do business with merchants. They’re seeking reasonably priced goods and you’ll have to come up with the right pricing schemes to lure them to your settlements. Then the trailer goes into some of the tax systems you can use to also generate funds.

The city-building and management aspects look pretty in-depth so far. Players will get to use a lot of strategy and make connections with the right people in order to grow to new heights.

The latter part of the trailer highlights how the battles will take place. That seems like a particularly interesting and important aspect in Manor Lords. Players can recruit their soldiers and there are different classes depending on what sort of fight they’re in for.

There currently isn’t a release date for this promising city-builder coming to PC, but this latest trailer should give interested onlookers plenty of content to break down. Manor Lords looks to be hitting all of the right notes, including visuals, detailed planning, and gripping battles.

Now the developer just needs to continue making it as good as it can be, but they’re already on a good path by the look of things.