City Building Title Cities: Skylines Free To Play For The Weekend As Their Ninth Paid Expansion Releases

City Building Title Cities: Skylines Free To Play For The Weekend As Their Ninth Paid Expansion Releases
Credit: Cities: Skylines Official via YouTube

The term of the last few weeks has been social distancing, and there’s no shortage of free games for you to be playing to help practice. Dozens of developers have put their game on free (or at least heavily on sale) to help gamers pass the time spent under quarantine and working to avoid other people as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to grow.

Cities: Skylines is the latest to join in on this. The massive city-building title is free to play for the coming weekend, with the core game being playable from today to Monday, March 30th. If you like what you see, the base game itself is pretty heavily discounted on the Steam store as well.

But to say that helping with social distancing is the only reason for this would be a bit naive. Cities: Skylines is also celebrating the launch of their newest paid DLC, Sunset Harbor.

Sunset Harbor is the latest in a long line of DLCs for the title, becoming the ninth paid expansion. In terms of other DLCs, there’s also a great number of cosmetic and audio DLCs that you could purchase, but this expansion is the ninth of the core DLCs.

Sunset Harbor adds a great amount to the massive city-builder. Players will be able to add a new Fishing Industry mechanic into their city, providing another metric to increase productivity and happiness while also adding another layer of complexity to the game.

The developers have also added in a number of new public transit changes to help these systems, which can be notoriously difficult to manage at times. Sometimes a single change can radically alter (and sometimes outright ruin) everything you’ve worked towards, and this expansion will do quite a bit to help with that.

Cities will have trolleys now, but maybe even more interesting than that is the above-ground metro, which will serve as a sort of in-city train. There’s also helicopter transports, as well as different transport hubs that will allow citizens to jump between different types of transportation.

You’ll also enjoy new healthcare and waste management systems to help keep everything flowing well. There’s a wide variety of new options coming to help keep your city running perfectly.

With such sizeable upgrades coming to so many different parts of the game, it’s a great time to hop into your city building adventure. The title is free to play until Monday, so you can put in a few hours to help decide if you want to get Sunset Harbor.