Green Hell Is Receiving A Co-Op Mode That Will Allow Players To Survive Together, New Mode Launches April 7

Green Hell Is Receiving A Co-Op Mode That Will Allow Players To Survive Together, New Mode Launches April 7
Credit: Green Hell via Youtube

Green Hell is a rainforest survival game. Players must survive in one of the most difficult biomes on the planet. This is a challenge of survival against the elements; you must maintain not only the body but also the mind. Thanks to a new update added by Creepy Jar, you will no longer have to survive this hell-hole alone.

A new co-op mode is being added to the game. This has been on the Green Hell roadmap since its launch back in September 2019, and now the time has come. The most requested feature of all features will arrive on April 7, 2020. Players will get to tackle the dangers of the Amazon alongside up to four players in an online co-op experience that may make things harder rather than easier.

Players might think that there is added safety in numbers, but that just means resources have to go around that much more. Players will find that with the added hands, there will be more work to do than ever before. From additional housing, attracting predators, or simply finding enough food for everyone.

A number of additional changes have been made with the co-op mode update. Other then the obvious four-player cooperative features, new voice-overs have been added to the game. This, mixed with the addition of new character models, allows some level of personalization then previously offered. Not all the characters will sound the same, let alone look the same allowing for easy distinction between active characters.

A new in-game chat has been implemented, allowing you to chat with the other players. Menus have been redesigned, allowing for easier invitation and execution of the new co-op mode. They have even integrated with invitations through Steam, allowing you to invite friends easily using the Steam interface.

The game is prepped and ready for you to enjoy through a brand new co-op experience. Find the same dangers, mental and physical, but this time share the threat among your friends. There is nothing you and your team cant do together. The developers have even added an enhanced leech removal system.

Green Hell is a difficult game, so make sure you choose friends you can trust to survive with you. If you have any chance of surviving the harshest place on the planet, then you need good friends behind you.

For more information, check out Creepy Jar’s website. Green Hell is available on Steam, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch for $24.99 if you want to purchase this unique survival game.