Blizzard Increases Legacy Loot Drops, Making Legion-era Dungeons And Raids Easier To Farm For Transmogs

Blizzard Increases Legacy Loot Drops, Making Legion-era Dungeons And Raids Easier To Farm For Transmogs
Credit: Blizzard

Blizzard has been putting a great amount of effort into adding in content to make their game more enjoyable for players that may be running out of tasks as the end of Battle for Azeroth approaches. With the final raid being dropped and the clock to Shadowlands ticking down, many players have gotten to where they don’t have much progression left.

Once that happens, players tend to have to find their own path, free from the heavily-structured progression that pushing endgame content holds. Generally, most players will end up returning to previous content to farm up collectibles and cosmetics.

The most popular of these is Invincible, The Lich King’s steed that has a <1% drop chance and can only be attempted once a week per character. Still, plenty attempt this (and many other previous endgame raids) because they’re incredibly easy to take out by yourself.

But the most previous content, Legion, is still a bit more difficult. Most well-geared Battle for Azeroth characters are able to take on the endgame content from Legion, but some mechanics absolutely require more than one player, essentially gating the content off for single players.

Even if you do manage to down the bosses, though, some mechanics stop them from dropping gear, as it’s scaled to them dropping in relation to the number of players in the raid taking them on. No raid means no loot, so single players get left dry. Thankfully, Blizzard has decided to implement legacy loot mechanics.

“We’ve reached that point in an expansion where the content from the previous expansion no longer requires a full group, and the rewards are primarily sought by transmog collectors,” Blizzard writes. “With this change, Legion raid and dungeon encounters will drop a fixed quantity of class-agnostic loot. Today, if you and one other player enter Emerald Nightmare on Mythic difficulty and kill Nythendra, it’s unlikely that you’ll receive any loot, since drop rates normally scale to the number of players. After this change, Nythendra will always drop 5 items from her loot table, regardless of your group size.”

It’s a fantastic change to see that makes it so that players that are out there farming for new transmogs will be able to actually get their goal. This will provide a massive increase to the availability of Legion transmog gear, as it’ll no longer be locked behind requirements that make them impossible to obtain while flying solo. With this change, you’ll likely be seeing a good number of players out there with some amazing transmogs, so go ahead and hop into Legion’s endgame content and grab yours!