Projection: First Light Is Scheduled To Release On September 29th; A New Gameplay Trailer Is Out Now

Projection: First Light Is Scheduled To Release On September 29th; A New Gameplay Trailer Is Out Now
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

If you’re eager to experience a pretty unique puzzle-platformer, Projection First Light might be worth tuning in for. It should provide a particularly distinct experience that marries both art and music.

A new gameplay trailer was just put out for it along with a September 29th release date for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. We see the game’s main protagonist Greta making her way through a unique shadow puppet world filled with mystery.

A source of light is also featured, which seems to be Greta’s way of moving throughout the different environments. It can be used in a lot of ways, such as manipulating shadows into platforms that give her access to the next area. Or, it can be used to ward off monsters lurking in the distance.

The light is essentially her companion. She’ll need to rely upon it if she wishes to move throughout all of the levels, which have such a unique color pallet to them. The environments give Projection: First Light an atmospheric experience that you can’t help but appreciate based on what was shown in this recent gameplay trailer.

Another element that stands out from the trailer is Greta meeting a lot of different characters. In this way, this game isn’t just a solo experience. It’s about connecting with others, learning more about them, and helping them with their own personal problems.

We could all use a little help once in a while and the developer wants this message of respect and wordliness to come through in Projection: First Light. Considering the times we now find ourselves in, this seems like the perfect title for this mostly chaotic year to put it mildly.

The game also looks like a very soothing experience. It’s nice to kick back and just enjoy an emotional and beautiful-looking story. You don’t have to worry about getting bogged down by advanced mechanics or convoluted stories.

Rather, you can just move through each area taking everything in as Greta, who seems like a lovable character. Projection: First Light is teeming in personality and it looks like this experience will have a lasting impact well after you get done playing.

Only a couple of more days before it will be out on most platforms. Whether you consider yourself a platforming fan or just want to learn something deep that you can take with you in your own life, Projection: First Light looks promising.