Projection: First Light Is Planning Its Launch On All Major Platforms Later In The Year

Projection: First Light Is Planning Its Launch On All Major Platforms Later In The Year
Credit: Steam XO

Get ready for a shadow puppet adventure as Projection: First Light heads to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. This game takes the creative use of shadow plays and mixes it with an illuminating story developed by Shadowplay Studios and Sweaty Chair Studio.

Manipulate light in a unique puzzle-platformer that follows the adventures of Greta. This young shadow puppet is on a journey of self-enlightenment and only by exploring breathtaking locations can she learn about the world of shadow puppetry. Greta uses her ability to control the light so she can navigate the far reaches of the world using this powerful and ancient art form.

Enter the puzzle-platforming adventures of Greta as she travels on a wide journey into the mythological shadow puppet world. Meet great heroes and face danger in a world of light-based creation.

Travel through several cultures each of which use shadow puppets in some form to tell stories of the past. As a tool of communication, shadow puppets have had a long life as a major animation style that brings fiction to life.

Seeing a game embrace the simplicity and potential of shadow puppets creates an environment that will fascinate many fans.

The game’s amazing visuals are matched by a magical and ethereal soundtrack created with antique instruments and designed for shadow puppet performances. This is a voyage through the history of shadow puppets and how they have, as an art, evolved through each country.

Travel to China, Indonesia, Turkey, Greece, and even 19th century England in a wide journey that mixes culture and magic. This is a journey based on the real history of shadow puppets and inspired by the legends that they have been used to tell.

Gain control of a source of light and use it to manipulate the environment around her. This is how she can create walls and platforms that will let her overcome unique puzzles and enemies. Use the light to create imaginative solutions to even the most complex problems.

There is a demo of this title available for players to enjoy, courtesy of the Steam Games Festival. This is a great chance to see the world firsthand and build up your own shadow puppet story.

Projection: First Light has no official release date but it is confirmed to be coming to Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. Build your own shadow puppet adventure as you follow Greta’s magical journey.