Main Assembly Gets An Early Access Release Date, Allowing Players To Build Anything

Main Assembly Gets An Early Access Release Date, Allowing Players To Build Anything
Credit: Team17 via YouTube

There are a lot of games out there that rely on user creativity for replayability, and the vast majority of them are absolute classics: Minecraft and Terraria readily come to mind in terms of stretching the imaginations of their players.  Most recently, a game has come to light with the concept at its core called Main Assembly.  Players can create anything they can imagine, and they need to in order to pass bizarre objectives and tasks that require a special touch.

Whether that touch is a fifteen-foot tall paid of legs autonomously moving across a landscape, or a single wheel that players sit inside of, spinning ceaselessly towards an unknown objective, is up to the players themselves.

Main Assembly looks to boast some of the most flexible and granular modules yet experienced in a title, from programmable sensors that execute tasks when certain conditions are reached, to a far more easily controlled visual programming interface that gives players a much less harried experience for their first foray into if/then statements.

Even if you don’t understand what in the world code is, Main Assembly looks to have you covered in terms of allowing you to interact and operate whatever ungodly abomination you’ve crafted.

Main Assembly finally has a release date as well, marking its initial jump into Steam’s Early Access Program.  It all is tied in with an adorable trailer that shows off a few of the things that can be done in the title.

Coming from development studio Bad Yolk Games with their initial foray into developing their own title, and being published by Team17, the gameplay seems to have a unique feeling all its own.

From gears, levers, pulleys, wheels, jets, and likely many other things that have yet to be seen, players are tasked with stretching their imagination as they control a tiny robot.

It looks closest to the title Trailblazers, or perhaps even Besiege, where creations are likely to have undesired side effects due to an oversight during the design process.  With aerodynamics found in the title, gliders, helicopters, and jets are all plausible creations.

The title also has the mechanic of destruction, and with multiplayer, a brand new form of robotic warfare promises to take up far too much of everybody’s time within specialized arena’s.

Thankfully, we won’t have to wait too long to see what Main Assembly has to offer to those that want to tinker until early morning; it releases on April 16th, 2020 into Steam’s Early Access Program.