Capcom Acknowledges Recent Crashing Issues With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Is Looking Into A Fix

Capcom Acknowledges Recent Crashing Issues With Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, Is Looking Into A Fix
Credit: Monster Hunter via Steam

Capcom has been hard at work patching their latest expansion to Monster Hunter: World, Iceborne. The release came with plenty of new content, but unfortunately, bugs and glitches happen to have come along as well. More so than any of this have been seemingly-constant crashing issues.

Recently, Capcom gave an update to the fanbase about their awareness of a specific crashing issue. To quote their statement:

“We have confirmed reports of some users experiencing game crashes when using the High Resolution Texture Pack with certain AMD graphics cards after updating to version 11.50.00. While we continue to look into a more permanent solution, please try disabling the High Resolution Texture Pack before playing.”

So, unfortunately, it seems like the fix they’ve come with is to simply not use the feature that many players were excited for. It’s especially a kick in the teeth to the many, many PC gamers that built their own machines and spared no expense to be sure they could run things like High Resolution Texture Packs. Still, what are you going to do?

To fix it, Capcom gave step-by-step instructions on how to disable the texture pack (which, honestly, probably shouldn’t count as a fix?) To do so, simply go to your advanced graphics settings under display and select any option other than the High Resolution Texture Pack.  You also can go to the properties tab of Monster Hunter: World in your Steam library and uncheck the texture pack in the install column.

Tying it all off, Capcom thanked the fanbase for their patience and assured everyone that they’re looking into the issue, promising to return soon with a fix and asking us to continue to be patient until so. Frankly, it’s a bit obnoxious, but it certainly isn’t game-breaking. The crashing issue – or rather, this one of many crashing issues – is nullified by lowering your graphics, and that’s easy enough to do, right?

The real kicker comes from the fact that even if you avoid this one issue, another one is likely to cause your game to crash right around the corner. Make no mistake, Iceborne is an absolutely massive title, and it’s virtually impossible for any developer to manage to squish every single bug before release. But still, Iceborne seems to be patched several times a week to squish bugs.

The issue there is that more and more are discovered every day. Earlier today, in fact, we reported on Capcom’s announcement of a similar temporary fix to remedy the issue of players not being able to enter their rooms.

Who knows? Maybe soon, Iceborne will be bug-and-crash-free. Until then, lower your graphics and get back out there.