The Vermin Tide Is Here! The Year Of The Rat Has Begun In Warhammer: Vermintide 2

The Vermin Tide Is Here! The Year Of The Rat Has Begun In Warhammer: Vermintide 2
Credit: Fatshark via YouTube

Fatshark has been active throughout 2020. Recently we spoke on the update they released discussing recent additions and the way that they’ve been working to fix the crashing issues that came as a result of adding in critters for the Year of the Rat.

But what about the Year of the Rat itself? Were the additions worth the crashing issues?

There’s plenty of new content being added with the Year of the Rat patch. For starters, the event will be running until February 13th with multiple changes to grab a handful of exclusives. It’s a great time to grind out a bit of progression while you wait for the upcoming chapter content to drop in mid-February!

Fatshark is adding three event quests that started yesterday, February 6th. The rewards for completing these event quests consist of two exclusive paintings and a new portrait frame. Aesthetically, Taal’s Horn Keep has been overrun with rats (the implementation of which being the issue that was causing all the crashing issues over the last two days, but they’ve thankfully been dealt with).

Other than these quests, they’ve worked to fix a handful of crashes and bugs that have been plaguing the game over the last few months. According to the patch notes, they’ve implemented a fix for all of the following:

  • Fixed a bunch of crashes caused by mod interactions with tooltips
  • Fixed a crash within the benchmark tool
  • Fixed a crash for joining players caused by another playing joining the session when they had some throwing axes on the ground and then switched weapons (how oddly specific is that one?)
  • Fixed multiple painting-related crashes, as well as the weave 95 crash
  • Fixed an issue where the painting reward for completing Old Haunts failed to show up in the list of available paintings

There’s always more issues that need fixing, as adding any content almost always ends up causing some strange and obscure domino effect. The third on that list, for example – how the heck could anyone predict that the incredibly specific action of switching weapons when there were throwing axes on the ground, if and only if you’ve recently joined a new session, would turn into a game-crashing bug?

It’s honestly a bit insane how many bits and pieces have to be kept track of, and Fatshark has been doing a good job of keeping the game flowing with the implementation of the new content. Considering the mess we’ve seen with other games recently (looking at you, Warcraft III: Reforged), it helps give another level of appreciation for the dedication that the team has been putting forward.