MAD Lion’s ADC Carrzy Gave Insight About His Team’s Goals For The Summer Split And Beyond

MAD Lion’s ADC Carrzy Gave Insight About His Team’s Goals For The Summer Split And Beyond
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

After another impressive victory over G2 Esports, MAD Lions’ fiery young AD carry Matyáš “Carzzy” Orság shared his thoughts around how their most recent wins affected the team’s confidence, their goals for the rest of the year, and his opinion on the state of the LEC.

Heading into week five, G2 and Misfits Gaming remained as only League of Legends teams that MAD Lions hadn’t taken down during the 2020 LEC Summer Split. Last time around, G2 took down the MAD Lions on the back of a great late-game from Caps and Perkz.

“[This win] was very important,” Carzzy said. “I was scared that we might lose to G2 again, and we might go zero-two against a team. I really hate going zero-two, so this for sure boosted our mentality, and we proved to ourselves that we can snowball and play the game pretty well.”

Carzzy did admit that they got a bit greedy with some dives they tried out, but overall, their play was clean. Save for some over-aggressive plays that gave G2 a few kills, MAD Lions showed off superior objective control by taking every neutral objective on the map.

Individually, MAD Lions were on another level as well. For example, Humanoid and Shad0w had a couple of flashy plays on Galio and Lee Sin that wowed the fans and analysts alike, while also giving their team an even greater lead on their opponents.

Looking towards the rest of the LEC, however, Carzzy is still a bit wary about the state of the league as a whole. The 18-year-old said that in Europe, “anything can happen and you can’t actually predict anything” right now, which makes things very difficult to judge.

He did mention that the meta has become draft-dependent as of late, “so whoever has better draft has a 90-percent chance of winning.” He then agreed that the team’s coach, James “Mac” MacCormack, has been doing tons of work behind-the-scenes for their drafting and scouting.

As for the future, Carzzy revealed that the team has two big goals for the rest of the year. Their short-term goal for the 2020 Summer Split is clearly to win the LEC championship, but he and his team are already looking towards the stars when it comes to international play.

“Our mindset is to try our best and finish first in the regular split, so we are automatically qualified to Worlds,” He said. “That’s vital. Actually, that’s like our mini goal—our goal is to go to Worlds and go to the semifinals.”

Worlds 2020 might still be in the air due to COVID-19, but Carzzy still has his preferences on the teams that could attend, should the tournament take place. If Worlds does happen this year, he wants to see MAD Lions, G2, Rogue, and Fnatic take the stage for Europe.