Gen.G Broke 9-Game Losing Streak Against T1 In Week 6 Of League Champions Korea

Gen.G Broke 9-Game Losing Streak Against T1 In Week 6 Of League Champions Korea

Gen.G have finally broken the curse of losing to T1 after nine losses against their nemesis.

Both Ruler and Bdd ensured Gen.G won with spectacular performances on Ezreal and Zoe, respectively, taking home the Player of the Game awards for the League of Legends series.

The series opened up with both teams farming up slowly before Gen.G’s bot lane decided that it was time to win. Ruler’s spectacular mechanics on Ezreal gave Gen.G a huge advantage, which they translated into neutral objectives.

Even though T1 were resilient as always, they were eventually pushed in by Gen.G and lost the game. Ruler was too strong for them to deal with, especially when having a Tahm Kench to cover up his aggressive plays.

The second game was much closer early on, but Gen.G pulled off aggressive plays and took a lead. After taking a couple of neutral objectives, including the Baron, they became way too strong for T1 to handle.

Eventually T1 gave in and lost the series, the first time since September 2018 when T1 lost to Gen.G in the first round of the World Championship Gauntlet.

Gen.G had a great Spring Split with 14 series wins and four losses. They’ve dominated their competition this year, aside from T1, who’ve beaten them in both clashes this season.

Gen.G look strong in the LCK Summer Split too, now sitting in third place at 8-2. They’re just behind DRX and Damwon Gaming, who are ahead with one series win.

Gen.G look really strong, picking up strong win against Afreeca Freecs a couple of weeks ago. ADC Ruler picked up both player of the game awards for this series after his outstanding performances on Varus and Ashe in the first and second games, respectively.

The first game was an absolute stomp by Gen.G. Rascal’s aggressive plays in the top lane on Sylas allowed his jungler, Clid, to roam freely around the map and help other lanes.

Gen.G secured most neutral objectives in this League of Legends game, relinquishing only one Rift Herald to the Afreeca Freecs squad. Leaving Varus open and first picking Kalista seemed to be an oversight by AFS since Varus destroyed everything in sight once he got ahead early on.

The second game began with a hilarious bug occurring during the draft. Nautilus transformed into Zoe for a couple of seconds, confusing everyone on the broadcast. But after the players swapped their champions once again, the bug was fixed and the draft returned to normal. Gen.G had the superior draft overall with a clear win condition while AFS went for comfort picks that failed them in this game.