Fable Is Being Rebooted By Playground Games For The Xbox Series X, Teaser Trailer Released

Fable Is Being Rebooted By Playground Games For The Xbox Series X, Teaser Trailer Released
Credit: Xbox Via YouTube

For years it has been heavily rumored that Microsoft was developing a new entry into the Fable series.

Finally, that rumor was confirmed at the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23.

Fable was formerly developed by Lionshead Studios, a developer that has since been folded. There were three main entries into the Fable series, with a Kinect game for the Xbox 360, a digital card game, and a beat ’em up adventure also being released.

A fourth major Fable game was once set to come out, but it was subsequently cancelled as the studio shut down.

It has been nearly 10 years since we have seen a Fable game released, and fans have been clamoring for a return to the fantasy world of Albion.

However, anyone hoping for a continuation of the storyline which started in the original trilogy of games might be let down. This appears to be a complete reboot, launching the series anew on the Xbox Series X.

You can view the trailer for the new game below.

Most telling is the fact that this game is not called Fable 4. It’s just called Fable. It’s also obviously getting some new developers.

Playground Games has been discussing its “AAA open-world action RPG project” since 2017, and everyone had already guessed that it was talking about Fable.

In the trailer we see a magical world of interesting creatures, including a fairy that guides us through with some whimsical flying. Of course, since this is Fable, the fairy is promptly eaten by a frog to end the trailer.

Fable was an action adventure RPG series that was one of the first titles to ever give you a choice as to whether you were going to be good or bad.

There was physical combat and magic, but it was the choices one could make that truly set Fable apart from other RPGs of the time.

You could run about the world saving people and completing quests, or you could walk into a town and lay waste to it. In the original two Fable games, your character would undergo a physical transformation as a result of evil deeds.

You would grow devil like horns or be surrounded by insects if you were too nefarious.

Fable 3 took the concept further, making you either a prince or princess who was trying to overthrow their tyrannical brother to take the throne of Albion. Along the way you made a series of promises to people who dedicated themselves to your cause.

Then, once you were in power, you could keep those promises or betray them and oppress the people.

Microsoft has given no timetable for the new Fable project. It will not be launching with the Xbox Series X when the console drops this holiday season.