Robert Kirkman’s Thief of Thieves: Season One Heading To Nintendo Switch This November

Robert Kirkman’s Thief of Thieves: Season One Heading To Nintendo Switch This November
Credit: RivalGamesLtd via Youtube

Robert Kirkman has created and written several comic book titles, including Invincible and Oblivion Song. His most famous work may be The Walking Dead, which recently concluded in comic form but continues today in AMC and various video games.

One of Kirkman’s ongoing titles is Thief of Thieves, which tells the story of Conrad Paulson, a successful thief who decides to leave his line of work, only to become a thief of other thieves.

The video game adaptation isn’t about the star of the comic. Much like Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead, Thief of Thieves: Season One tells the story of another thief in the story. This thief isn’t as experienced, but is being trusted to pull off some of the most dangerous heists across the globe. Celia will have to work with her new team and make the right decisions to ensure that the target is acquired or face the consequences. Celia’s success is up to the player.

From the Nintendo Switch trailer: “Based on the best-selling comic by Robert Kirkman, Thief of Thieves: Season One is a story of heists and the people behind them. It’s time for Celia, protege of master thief Redmond, to make the leap from apprentice to master. A new continent and a new team, will you make the cut?”

Thief of Thieves: Season One is both developed and published by Rival Games Ltd. The game first launched on PC for Steam in July 2018 and was later released on Xbox One on November 2018. Nintendo Switch owners will soon have access to the story based on the comic series.

The story is told through comic panels and replicate the novel experience. The story largely depends on the choices the player makes during gameplay. Players will want to replay the game several times to experience all of the outcomes.

The artist of the comic series, Shawn Martinbrough, also had a hand in working on the game. He provided the concepts behind the new characters, so fans an ensure these characters would easily fit in the Thief of Thieves comic series.

The game has already won a few awards, including “Best Story/Storytelling” and the “Most Promising IP” from the Game Connection Development Awards in 2018.

Thief of Thieves: Season One will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop on November 21, 2019.