Lightmatter Is Set To Come Out Later This Year; Is A First-Person Puzzle Game That Features The Manipulation Of Lights

Lightmatter Is Set To Come Out Later This Year; Is A First-Person Puzzle Game That Features The Manipulation Of Lights
Credit: Tunnel Vision Games via YouTube

Puzzle games have seen a bit of resurgence as of late. More and more seem to be coming out by the week on different platforms. If you like strategy and critical-thinking, this is great news. You have plenty of 3D puzzle games to look forward to every month.

One of the more intriguing titles that’s set to come out this year is Lightmatter. This title is being developed by Tunnel Vision Games and features first-person visuals. The concept of Lightmatter is pretty novel and should make this game a stand-out title at launch.

Players are tasked with escaping a laboratory, which is run by an evil inventor. Escaping will not be as easy as running to an exit, though. No. To make the game novel and exciting, Tunnel Vision Games makes players manipulate light to show the way. The key here is to stay out of the shadows.

Failing to do so will result in your character being absorbed. This is shown in a recent trailer of Lightmatter, and right away, the graphics look amazing. They have a little bit of a cartoon-vibe, but they’re so full of personality.

Running through the different sections seems like a fun time, and there is a lot of tension as certain sections get consumed by the shadows. You’ll have to think quick if you hope to make it to the end.

To have any chance of success, you’ll have to manipulate various parts of the stage. For example, you can move lamps to shadowy areas to get to the next stage. Or, you may have to jump over a shadow section completely to continue your journey.

It seems like a real challenge that should make for some compelling and memorable moments. The trailer also shows a renewable energy source that you’ll be relying on quite regularly to guide you through the dark laboratory.

If you’re a fan of the puzzle gaming genre, Lightmatter seems like a real winner out of the gate. Even if you’ve never gotten your hands on one of these games, you’ll still probably have a good time. Getting through difficult sections just seems so rewarding. One can only imagine the feeling of completing an entire stage.

A sample of the game is currently available via Tunnel Vision Games’ Discord. It’s certainly worth your time and will get your creative juices flowing. Again, it’s set to come out later this year for Windows.