Licensed Homeworld 2 Lego Collectible Sets Are Expensive And Are Not For Beginners

Licensed Homeworld 2 Lego Collectible Sets Are Expensive And Are Not For Beginners

Reviews of the latest Lego sets released last month by Brick Formation are now out to talk about the collectibles.

The three Homeworld ships which were approved by Gearbox Software resemble the fleet in the real-time strategy game. The models include the ships from Homeworld 2 namely, HiigaranDestroyer, the Ion Cannon Frigate, and the Hiigaran Interceptor. The sets which use genuine Lego materials went live on March 1.

In a recent review posted on Technabob, author Paul Strauss shared the sets come unassembled inside Ziploc bags. He said the three models are “definitely” not for beginners.

Strauss, who completed building the Hiigaran Destroyer model, said it took him “about 8 hours” to finish it. He said the parts are also not numbered which actually increases the difficulty. Fortunately, the instructions that come with the set are easy to understand.

The Hiigaran Destroyer model has 1,365 pieces. He also rated the difficulty of building the model with a “medium to medium-high level” rating. The Hiigaran Interceptor has 500 pieces, while the Ion Cannon Frigate has 705 pieces.

One notable feature of the Homeworld Lego sets is its well-thought structure. Strauss shared that as he was building the 20-inch Destroyer model, he noticed that the design supports its stability.

The expensive and very limited Lego kits also come with display stands. With its whopping price and only 100 sets for each model, the sets are definitely collectors’ items.

The cheapest set among the three is the Hiigaran Interceptor which costs $250. The Hiigaran Destroyer is the most expensive model at $575, while the Ion Cannon Frigate sells for $300.

The Homeworld kits were designed by Aaron Fiskum, who has previously talked about Destroyer on Reddit in 2016. In 2017, Fiskum even lent his Hiigaran Destroyer Lego model to Gearbox Software. Fiskum is a known Legosmith who designed the Lego model of UCS X34 Landspeeder.

Brick Formation also announced last month that they are already in the process of creating more models. These upcoming Homeworld faction models include the Kushan, Vaygr, Taiidan, and Turanic Raiders.

Aside from this, Gearbox Software and Brick Formation are also collaborating on more kits inspired by Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak. Lego fans are surely itching to get some updates on these upcoming projects.

However, it should be noted that Brick Formation clarifies that Lego does not authorize, endorse, nor sponsor their products. Brick Formation is a relatively new company which specializes in creating IP licensed kits that are made of authentic LEGO parts.