Dreadlands Is Also An MMO Besides Being A Turn-Based Tactical Game

Dreadlands Is Also An MMO Besides Being A Turn-Based Tactical Game
Credit: fatshark.se

Dreadlands is a tactical game, and it’s post-apocalyptic. Players can command, and they can customize a group of wasteland fighters. They can send those fighters into the world so they can battle over resources.

Players will be with other gamers, and they can share the world. Other gamers can join in the PvE co-op gaming mode. Players can also choose to murder their squad during PvP battles. A lot of people have yearned for this; they want a huge audience to showcase their tactics.

Peter Nilson, the creative director and founder of Blackfox Studios said they want Dreadlands to bring MMO’s online elements to combine them with turn-based gameplay so it will become more appealing. They also want to turn a world shooter game into pleasurable turn-based gameplay. It’s not the first time for MMOs to collide with tactics and strategy.

It seems everyone would try the one-shared realm to manage squads, upgrade bases, unlock new gaming tactics, and create deadly toys. Everyone will play and have fun in turn-based scraps. However, it’s not clear if the bases will be a location for gamers to tweak their squad. It’s not also clear if the players will be within in-game spots where other gamers could attack.

The setting of Dreadlands is in the Krater universe within Fatshark. This action RPG has a lot of surprises and gamers should give them a treat of playing it to the fullest. Blackfox Studios will develop the successor of the game. Though the details on the game’s successor are still slim, there could be a lot of details soon because it will be out this year.

Players need to create their own misfit gangs in Dreadlands, and the members of their squad will come from several factions in Krater, which is the living and shared chaotic realm of the world. Gamers will be on a journey where they’ll encounter other gamers. Some of these players might cooperate while some of them could be hostile, where their meet-ups could end up in engaging and deadly PvP battles.

Gamers could unlock fresh tactics, and they can level up so they can become more effective on the battlefield. They’ll be able to manage their base when they upgrade. They can also gain artifacts, which they can combine to create gear.

There’s danger in every corner of the game. There’s a lot of violence and blood splatter in Dreadlands. There are also references to alcohol and drug consumption.

It should be noted that the game has a mature content description. There’s no release date for Dreadlands yet, but the game can be enlisted in a wishlist via Steam.