LCK – Damwon Gaming’s Mid Laner Showmaker Won The Most Valuable Player Award Of The Split

LCK – Damwon Gaming’s Mid Laner Showmaker Won The Most Valuable Player Award Of The Split
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Damwon Gaming mid laner ShowMaker has won the MVP award for the 2020 LCK Summer Split regular season.

The 20-year-old League of Legends star won the award with 163 points. His jungler, Canyon, was right behind him with 143 points, while his top lane teammate, Nuguri, had 88 points.

ShowMaker’s victory by a significant margin shows how dominant he was, securing 11 MVP votes over the entire split. He destroyed every other mid laner in the league, which allowed his team to secure a first-place finish in the regular season.

He had a monstrous KDA of 16, with second place being Chovy at 6.3, averaged 0.7 deaths per game, 7.7 assists, and dealt the most damage to champions compared to other mid laners, 561 damage per minute, according to data from

His strong play throughout the split also landed him on the LCK’s first All-Pro team alongside three other DWG players and one from Gen.G. The only DWG player who didn’t make the cut for the first All-Pro team was ADC Ghost, who’s been performing more as a utility ADC rather than a straight-up carry.

ShowMaker played 12 champions in the regular season, showing his flexibility. His most favored champions were Zoe (10 games) and Twisted Fate (eight games). While he picked up other meta champions as well, he always defaulted to either Zoe or TF when they were available due to how well he played with them.

ShowMaker has recently challenged himself to climb the ranked leaderboard by using every champion just once.

ShowMaker started this journey with an unranked account that had Grandmaster MMR and began on his way to Challenger, which is around 650 LP at the 300th rank. Nearly all of his matches so far during this experiment have been played in either one of the solo lanes, which only makes this extreme showcase of versatility all the more impressive.

At time of writing, ShowMaker has played 70 unique champions in 70 matches, winning 48 of them. He’s now just 100 LP shy of hitting Challenger. Luckily for him, he hasn’t even gone through half of the entire champion roster, so the goal of reaching Challenger seems to be quite achievable.

Some of his statistical highlights from this experiment so far include games on Maokai, Karma, and Vayne. His three games with these champs resulted in his best K/D/A ratios. Surprisingly, one of his other best games came on Aphelios mid. He finished that game with one of his highest damage totals this season, despite being constantly bullied by the opposing mid laner and jungler because the bot lane champ has no mobility in his kit.