Afreeca Freecs Took Down Team Dynamics In Week Eight Of League Champions Korea Summer Split

Afreeca Freecs Took Down Team Dynamics In Week Eight Of League Champions Korea Summer Split
Credit: Image via Riot Games

Afreeca Freecs secured another win against a bottom-tier team in the 2020 LCK Summer Split today, beating Team Dynamics 2-1.

Top laner Kiin and jungler Spirit were AFS’ saving grace, receiving Player of the Game awards for their performances on Akali and Trundle, respectively.

The first game started out even for both League of Legends teams. The eighth-place DYN put up a good fight against the playoff contenders of AFS. DYN responded to every move by AFS with force.

The game was close, for the most part, with both teams being one dragon away from the Mountain Dragon Soul buff. Even though the last teamfight for the buff started out well for DYN, Kiin’s swift moves on Akali sealed DYN’s fate. AFS pushed to end the game after that crucial teamfight win.

After the first game, AFS got overconfident and first picked Karthus in the second draft phase. DYN built a great composition to counter him with shields, including Karma in the mid lane and Lux in the bottom lane.

DYN’s superior drafting phase allowed them to focus on scaling into the mid-to-late game. Though Karthus did the most damage on his team, it wasn’t enough to carry them, even with the Infernal Soul against DYN’s composition.

The third game, though, was a huge stomp in AFS’ favor. They secured kills left and right, snowballing out of control. Their bloodlust made them forget about the elemental dragons, though. DYN picked up dragon after dragon in hopes of reaching the Infernal Dragon Soul.

Even though DYN were one drake away from the crucial buff, they weren’t able to defend against AFS’ pressure, who were 13,000 gold ahead at one point in the game.

With this win, AFS improve to 8-6 in the 2020 LCK Summer Split, while DYN drop to 4-10. AFS will be back in action next week with two matches against T1 and Sandbox Gaming. Afreeca set a new record for fastest LCK game earlier this split.

AF broke down the enemy Nexus in 16 minutes and 54 seconds, the fastest single game time in an LCK game, according to Korizon’s Ashley Kang. The game also ranks among the top 50 fastest League of Legends games in any professional league around the world.

The Korean region is famous for its slow-paced style of gameplay. In fact, the average game time this split is 32 minutes, the longest of any of the major regions. But AF smashed that trend today, easily beating SeolHaeOne Prince in under 17 minutes.