Vitality Pulled Off Huge Upset Against Rogue In Last Week Of League European Championship Summer Split

Vitality Pulled Off Huge Upset Against Rogue In Last Week Of League European Championship Summer Split
Credit: Riot Games via YouTube

Vitality pulled off a huge upset today against Rogue in the race for a playoff spot in the 2020 LEC Summer Split.

Jungler Duncan “Skeanz” Marquet was crucial in today’s win. He even stole a Baron buff away from Rogue.

This League of Legends game began with early leads across the entire map for Vitality. They secured early objectives and kills to create a 1,000 gold lead by 10 minutes.

The match then slowed down for the most part with both teams trading neutral objectives. A teamfight around the 35th minute, however, gave Vitality the boost they needed to secure a clear path to victory.

After securing the Baron and Cloud Dragon Soul, Vitality kept sieging. In the end, Rogue were put in a dire situation since they had two inhibitors down and Vitality were looking to take the third.

Vitality ended the match with a final teamfight in Rogue’s base, resulting in the first-place team dropping to 11-5. Vitality, now 7-9, secured a crucial win in their pursuit of a playoff spot. They’re now in seventh place in the 2020 LEC Summer Split standings. Rogue put up a good fight for the entire game even while behind, showing League fans that they’re worthy of being toward the top of the standings. Vitality’s Skeanz gave his opinion about this season in an interview earlier this month, explaining his mindset and growth as a player.

Even though Vitality did suffer another loss, Skeanz is still hopeful for the team’s chances at playoffs. They are sitting in ninth place, but the 19-year-old believes that they still need to practice a bit more together, especially since he just joined the starting roster. Once they get their synergy right, they should be poised for a run at the postseason.

As for his own growth, Skeanz said that being sent to Vitality’s Academy team was a great idea. Back in the 2020 Spring Split, the team struggled to find much success with their new roster—with a 2-6 record, Vitality finished in last place for the season.

“The first split was hard, but I learned a lot,” Skeanz said. “But I lost my confidence, you know? That’s why I think it was good to put me in Academy to regain confidence because I’m really shy. I think they picked me again for my champion pool because the meta isn’t that good for Nji. I think he’s still really good, but it’s just the meta, you know?”