Killing Floor 2 Is Receiving A New Community-Made Map Soon Called Desolation

Killing Floor 2 Is Receiving A New Community-Made Map Soon Called Desolation
Credit: PlayStation via YouTube

Sometimes we just don’t want an epic, arching saga expertly interwoven with points of intrigue and a plot that covers thousands of pages. Sometimes, what is needed the most is the opportunity to simply turn your brain off and revel in a fantastic gore system while we kill innumerable hordes of undead monstrosities. It’s difficult to posit that there’s a better title for this specific mood than Killing Floor 2 by Tripwire Interactive, with a frankly astonishingly attractive dismemberment system that takes full advantage of modern GPU power if your rig can hold up to the strain.

Whether you’re seeking a more directed survival experience where you progress through a specific number of rounds, or if you’re just wondering how long you can possibly hold out against unending waves of attractive ghouls, Killing Floor 2 offers an arcade experience that you’ll just keep booting up time and again. An in-depth customization mechanic, wealth of classes, and a now staggering number of levels all further enhance the offerings of Tripwire Interactive.

Yet another new level seems ready to start shaking its way down the pipes to arrive to players everywhere, a community-created map named Desolation, and it seems to have a hint of the famous Call of Duty Zombies game mode.

In a Steam announcement, Tripwire Interactive states that the map will be able to be powered if survivors can find specific generator switches, which should allow for greater depth of gameplay and a bit of help when you’re facing down hundreds of Scrakes at once.

This will make Desolation one of the few maps that has objectives littered around it that survivors can cooperate to complete, making the level a bit easier. The standard of looping around maps while clearing waves, consistently falling back to the next defendably point, make be shaken up a bit with the release of the map.

Tripwire Interactive furthered their announcement by saying that they aren’t completely ready to unveil the map just yet, but there will be more announcements forthcoming in the next couple of days.

The map features a helipad, exterior loading zone, and a multi-level interior set in a lush jungle with bleak skies that makes visibility difficult, at least without powering the generators. It seems that, in spite of the modern pandemic that seems to unerringly flavor so many things, Tripwire Interactive are continuing to push out content for their fans that are committed to a bit of gore, and brainless murder.