Indy Game Developer Creates An Untitled Goose Game Clip In PlayStation 1 Era Graphics, And It’s Amazing

Indy Game Developer Creates An Untitled Goose Game Clip In PlayStation 1 Era Graphics, And It’s Amazing
Credit: Nintendo Switch Website

Just when you thought you couldn’t love House House’s Untitled Goose Game anymore, someone comes along and creates a whole new reason to be entertained by the concept.

Indy game developer Narayana Walters recently created a 12-second clip of a scene from Untitled Goose Game “demade” into PlayStation 1 era graphics. This super short super retro look at what this game could have looked like 20 years ago has got the gaming community wishing that a full version was available for sale.

In the clip, we see our titular Goose character in the first puzzle area of the game, the garden. It is hilariously redone with blocky PlayStation 1 graphics. This scene is one that anyone who has even tried the game out for a short time should recognize.

The Goose is in the garden attempting to steal a rake from the befuddled old gardener. The goose waddles up to the PS1 gardener and lets out a honk. Then, he grabs onto the gardener’s rake and drags it along as a loud scraping noise lifted from an old Dino Crisis Commercial plays.

After that, we see the classic PlayStation logo form before the video ends. It feels so authentic and is sure to create some welcomed nostalgia for fans of the original Sony console.

According to Walters, this demake took nearly 20 hours of work and was inspired by the popular animator 98DEMAKE.

Untitled Goose Game flew, swam, and waddled its way into the hearts of gamers everywhere earlier this year. It has sold more than 100,000 copies and stood at the top of Nintendo’s online store for a time.

Players take on the role of a mischievous Goose who delights in aggravating the humans who live and work in its area. There are a number of humorous tasks you can undertake throughout the game. It can be something as simple as turning the sprinkler on as the gardener walks by, or hiding tools and stealing vegetables.

A personal favorite action for a lot of players is stealing a toy airplane from a child and planting it in a nearby outdoor shop. When the boy goes to retrieve it, the shopkeeper thinks he is stealing and forces him to buy back his own toy.

What truly stands out about the gameplay of Untitled Goose Game is how there is no one set way to accomplish your goals. One player might play the game a certain way while another player goes about tasks in a completely different manner.

Untitled Goose Game released on the Nintendo Switch and PC on September 20, 2019.