Hunt: Showdown’s Latest Patch Brings New A.I. Variants And A New Sunset Setting

Hunt: Showdown’s Latest Patch Brings New A.I. Variants And A New Sunset Setting
Credit: Hunt: Showdown via YouTube

Earlier this week, Crytek added a huge update to their horror-survival battle royale, Hunt: Showdown. The update brings improvements to the A.I. and weaponry, as well as adding in a few new enemies and features.

One of the most interesting right off the bat of the patch notes is that they’ve added in two new monster variations. Players will now have to contend with the Grunt Doctor, who can deal poison damage to players but also drops a medical kit upon death, as well as the Concertina Armored, an Armored variant covered in sharp wiring and causing bleeding damage.

There’s more to these creatures than just a bit of aesthetics, though. The Grunt Doctor’s rusty bone saw doesn’t only do poison damage, so you’ll have to contend with the normal damage you can expect from a Grunt as well as having to deal with stopping the poison as fast as possible. Good news, though, is that it doesn’t seem like they have any extra health or resistances, so you should be able to take them out before too much damage has been done by the poison – assuming you’re careless enough to even let it get close.

The Concertina Armored is more than just a wired version of an Armored as well. This variant’s bleeding damage can take a lot out of you if you can’t get it down in time, and if it’s close enough to you that you think you’re safe with melee, you’ll have a new problem: Crytek has given the Concertina Armored bonus resistance against melee attacks. The upside is that they have less resistance to any sort of firearm, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble taking it out before it gets close.

Crytek has also added in a new time of day. Instead of only having Daytime and Nighttime to contend with, hunters will now find themselves out in the Bayou just before sunset.

There’s more to this time of day than just aesthetic beauty, though. Not only does this new time of day bring in a beautiful new aesthetic of lighting, but said lighting can be used to get an advantage on your enemies, making yourself harder to see by placing the sun behind you.

All in all, these simple changes will make the Bayou feel much more alive, ironically. Rather than seeing the same few variants of the same few monsters over and over, you’ll be seeing more denizens of the Bayou wandering around. On top of that, the time of day will help make it feel like time is really moving instead of the environment being a set, coded thing. They’re all wonderful additions from Crytek and only a small sampling of the massive amount of additions they made with this huge update.