HP’s 15-Inch Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop Merges Gaming Competence And Endurance

HP’s 15-Inch Pavilion Gaming 15 Laptop Merges Gaming Competence And Endurance
Credit: Danny Winget via YouTube

The HP Pavilion Gaming 15 may not be the most powerful gaming laptop in this era, but its attractive design, which was built upon the steadily emerging popularity of gaming laptops, as well as a low price point while delivering excellent performance, makes this device worth the user’s attention. This laptop can be considered as the budget edition of the company’s Omen Series.

This new gaming hardware that was officially announced at Gamescom2019 and launched in September has a matte 15-inch screen with an IPS panel that provides an excellent viewing regardless of angles. This means that users can read the content of the screen from whichever position they may choose. Nevertheless, the content of the screen can only be perceived if the sun does not shine too intensely.

It supports a complete HD (1920×1080) display with 144Hz with up to 60Hz refresh rate. While it has a reasonable contrast ratio of 1,280 to 1, its brightness of only a little over 290 cd/m² is on the lower end relative to its price point. The good thing about the display is that it does not show Pulse-Width Modulation flickering, which helps to avoid strain or headache for the gamers.

It also features mid-range graphics chips and up to three expansion slots for storage devices, including the dual-channel 16GB RAM, HDD, and NVMe SSD hardware. The “DIY” upgradability of the device allows users to customize the memory, networks, graphics, and Wi-Fi cards.

According to a test run by the team from Notebookcheck, this gaming device delivers decent performance that matches their expectations. All the games that they have tested from their library run well while giving out an excellent impression on other aspects of the application, as well. An HD resolution, as well as medium to the high configuration, can typically be selected.

Surprisingly, the test showed that the device’s battery could last quite long. It has a longer battery lifespan compared to the majority of office laptops available in the market. Its chiclet-style keyboard has also been proven to be fit for everyday use.

The Pavillion’s processor, on the other hand, is powered by AMD’s Ryzen 7. The APU’s CPU part comprises of a quad-core processor with 2.3GHz base clock frequency. However, users can increase the rate up to 4GHz with the use of a Turbo.

While the Pavillion offers a well-rounded laptop for gamers, it also comes with a few flaws. Aside from only having a one-year warranty period and slow card reader, this gaming device does not come with a Thunderbolt 3 port.