Hotel R’n’R Is Smashing Its Way To PlayStation VR, Content Update Expected For All Platforms

Hotel R’n’R Is Smashing Its Way To PlayStation VR, Content Update Expected For All Platforms
Credit: VRFocus via Youtube

Get ready to let loose and tear apart the world in VR. Hotel R’n’R gives players access to a smashing good time as a rock and roll star who destroys things for fun. Make a deal with the devil and smash up every hotel on your world tour in the best possible way. Almost everything in this title is destructible, so smash, bash, and break everything to your heart’s content.

Director of Wolf & Wood has planned tons of different weapons and enhancers to allow the player to plan their best setup. Score the most points and do the most damage before the maid shows up and stops the fun.

Embrace your inner rockstar and destroy every room you stay in. Hotel R’n’R gives you access to over 34 weapons, with the only limitation being your weak wrists and the hotel staff’s constant nagging.

Welcome to the life of a failed musician who has made a deal with the devil for musical talent. All the devil wants is for you to destroy some hotel rooms. Each room is a unique playground of things to destroy and explore. Plan your attack carefully, or you will draw the maid or hotel manager in to early and be kicked out of the room.

Build up cash and infamy as you gain a reputation for destruction. As you progress through the game, you will find a pawn shop full of weapons modifiers, and performance enhancers designed to help you cause more mayhem. Use your cash and infamy as currency and purchase these upgrades.

Experience five different hotels in New Mexico, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and London. Each one is filled with secrets from safe codes to secret passages that only the keenest observers can find.

Explore tons of mini-games in Purgatory based on the deadly sins. The devil has also provided a long list of weird challenges to keep things interesting and new. Be ready for a constantly evolving destruction spree.

Your weak nature results in the easy breaking of your bones, so be careful how you go about destroying the environment. The more noise you make, the more you will attract the attention of the hotel staff who will be ready to kick you out. Lawyers and resurrections are expensive, so make sure to make it worth it.

Interested fans can find Hotel R’n’R on Steam for purchase. This is an early access release so expect constant updates. The game is planned to release for PlayStation VR on May 28.