Useful Tips And Tricks For Conquering The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wilds’ Trial Of The Sword

Useful Tips And Tricks For Conquering The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wilds’ Trial Of The Sword
Credit: Nintendo via YouTube

The Trial of the Sword is by and large the hardest challenge in the Legend of Zelda franchise. It’s a brutal challenge that requires skill, planning, and luck in order to get through. Luckily, there are some quintessential tips and tricks to help even the most novice of fans to get through the challenge.

The first tip is to do everything you can to maximize your hearts before attempting the trial. This means using as many Spirit Orbs as possible from the Shrines and using them as heart containers. The trial starts you out with full hearts, so you’ll want to capitalize as much as possible.

You’ll also want to expand your inventory as much as possible. The amount of weapons and shields you can carry is going to significantly alter your gameplay experience in these rooms, so carrying as many as possible is going to make your experience easier.

Weapons can come in many, many, many forms throughout the trials, so try to be resourceful! Your bombs, especially the upgraded ones, are definitely effective weapons. They’ll keep you from using your weapons as much, and you’ll want to avoid using them when you can to save them for later.

There are also some rooms that you can beat simply with thrown rocks and branches. Metal crates and barrels also function as particularly good weapons, as you can crush your foes with Magnesis.

Fire. Is. Important. Fire can be used to damage your enemies as well as create updrafts for you to escape on. Most importantly, fire can be used to roast your food. Cooking pots are rare throughout the trial, so you’ll have to be choosy about when and what you cook.

It seems rather like common sense, but as far as being choosy goes, don’t mix foods that have multiple effects. They’ll cancel each other out and you’ll lose important buffs to help you get through the trial.

You’ll also want to save your shields and your best weapons, as there are mini-bosses throughout the trials. You don’t want to waste your durability on low-level enemies when Stone Talus can be found.

The final bit of advice is probably the most pertinent, and is a universal piece of advice regarding these types of run-throughs and challenges: be patient. Your patience will be rewarded throughout the trial rooms as you overcome each obstacle, and planning ahead will only help you.

It doesn’t do to get overly-frustrated, so take a breather if you have to and continue on. If you find yourself in a rut, start over and attack it from a different angle!