Holiday Celebrations Have Begun In Monster Hunter World, Limited Time Season Hunts Will Be Running Through January 5

Holiday Celebrations Have Begun In Monster Hunter World, Limited Time Season Hunts Will Be Running Through January 5
Credit: Capcom

Monster Hunter Worlds is breaking from their super serious quest line to give a light-hearted break to all the hard-working Hunters out there. A new update has added a ton of seasonal activities for all Hunters who have either Monster Hunter: World or Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. 

It is a time of giving, friendship, new years, and holidays in the new world. Hunters will have a chance to take part in the Winter Star Festival, which will be decorating the Astera Gathering Hub in festive beauty. For those who have yet to buy the new expansions Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, it is currently on sale for 25% off.

There are two festivals going on in the new world. The Winter Star Fest is available for all those in Austera. If you are master rank in Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, then you can also enjoy the Holiday Joy Fest in the Seliana Gathering Hub.

The new snowman item is what everyone is talking about. As long as you partake in the Holiday Joy Fest, you can get a Snowman item. This item can be taken into any hunting locale and will allow you to build a fully-fledged snowman complete with a face, hat, lights, and scarf.

After the snowman is built, you will have a chance to pick up some snow and pelt your fellow hunters. The Snowman opens new actions allowing you to have a snowball fight anywhere, anytime. If you manage to land enough hits with the snow you will be rewarded with seeing them gain a snowman head with button eyes and a carrot nose.

There are also holiday items available for players. The Seliana Gathering hub is a warmer, yet still festive, location that has been fully decorated for the Chinese new year. Here you can craft unique gear including the Oolong set for hunters and the arable Shishi-mai costume for Palicoes.

There are also a few strange pieces of equipment debuting this event. The Mad Scavenger Pickaxe is a Long Sword allowing you to beat your enemies with a mining tool.  The Duffel Penguin Mask lets you disguise yourself as, well, a penguin. The Sealed Dragon Cloth has been added as an exclusive headgear. Lastly, the Buff Body armor set allows you to have the defense you always wanted, or at least look the part.

The event and these goodies are free to owners of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. So make sure to check-in for your free snowman and craft some of that exclusive gear.