Fornite’s Wintefest 2019 Event Has Officially Begun With A Lodge Full Of Free Presents And Holiday Challenges

Fornite’s Wintefest 2019 Event Has Officially Begun With A Lodge Full Of Free Presents And Holiday Challenges
Credit: Fortnite via YouTube

Epic Games is celebrating the holidays by bringing Fortnite gamers an exciting event, Winterfest 2019! It is full of presents, challenges, and limited-time features that players will enjoy for the next couple of weeks.

Here is the Winterfest 2019 announcement video:

There is a clear message with this video, and that is “Free Presents!”

If there is one thing that Fortnite players like, it’s in-game items that they can collect. Epic Games microtransactions strategy to get Fortnite players excited about purchasing in-game items is arguably the best strategy ever implemented by a gaming developer.

However, the fact that Winterfest 2019 is promoting free presents will get Fortnite gamers into the Chrismas spirit and maybe save them a bit of cash.

Fortnite gamers will notice a snowflake tab in the in-game lobby, and to participate in the Winterfest event, they’ll need to click on that. By choosing the snowflake, players will be sent to the Winterfest Lodge. Every day for the next 14 days, there will be a new present for gamers to unwrap in the lodge. These presents will feature exclusive in-game items, including outfits, Gliders, Pickaxes, and Emotes.

As mentioned earlier, all these presents will be free for every Fortnite player. Epic Games is spoiling gamers this year! And what’s great is that if a player misses a day to open a present, they can open it up the next day along with the that day’s gift.

Fortnite players should note, however, that they only have until January 7th to open their presents, because if they wait any longer, the gifts will be gone forever.

There are Stocking Stuffers during the two-week event as well. In the Winterfest Lodge, gamers will notice a stocking hanging on the fireplace mantel. Each day the stocking will be filled with a new Challenge that will yield rewards and XP to holiday gamers that complete it.

The Stocking Stuffers follow the same rules as the presents, gamers can open them up until January 7th even if they miss a day, but the challenges will be gone if players miss the deadline.

Lastly, as another gift, Epic Games will be releasing a bunch of limited-time features that have been seen before, like the weapons Wick’s Bounty and Arsenal, as well as the game mode Zone Wars. These will be available from December 18th until January 2nd!

There is nothing like free presents to help ring in the new year, so Fortnite gamers should enjoy the next few weeks of holiday shenanigans.