Gravity Announces Ragnarok Online Spin-Off The Lost Memories: Song of Valkyrie

Gravity Announces Ragnarok Online Spin-Off The Lost Memories: Song of Valkyrie
Credit: Gravity via YouTube

G-STAR 2019 was host to several game developers and publishers showing off their current and previous titles.

South Korean developer Gravity was also in attendance with a playable demo of Ragnarok Tactics on mobile devices. Visitors could experience the mobile version of the 2012 PSP game.

Gravity is well-known for the Ragnarok Online MMORPG that was launched in 2002. While it was available as a standalone PVP and PVE game for years, it has spawned several spin-offs and is now available on Steam.

According to the official Steam website: “In the world of Rune Midgard, it was a time of strife between the Gods, Humans, and demons… Battle weary from the long war’s carnage, the factions entered into an uneasy truce. The truce grew into a fragile peace that lasted for a thousand years. As the memory of that great war faded into legend, the humans began to fall back into the corruption, selfishness, and arrogance that they had once risen above.”

Players gather to fight against the forces of Chaos. There are a variety of activities to enjoy in the game, which went through a “Renewal” years ago.

At G-STAR 2019, Gravity revealed a new spin-off set in the world of Midgard. In The Lost Memories: Song of Valkyrie, players control a character who was transported from the real-life, similar to isekai stories like Sword Art Online. Not much is known about the story, other than players can craft a new tale set on the continent of Midgard.

Instead of an MMORPG like Ragnarok Online, the new title will be similar to a traditional linear RPG. Gravity describes it as a “reborn” version of Ragnarok Online, using the same character classes, monsters, and background to re-tell the MMORPG’s story in a new way.

Along with the official website, Gravity revealed a short trailer for the upcoming game on their YouTube channel. The trailer gives gamers insights on how NPC and party member interaction will be, including how battles will be fought. From the trailer, it appears that character battles will be limited to four players. Each player can wear different armor and use weapons according to their character class.

In The Lost Memories: Song of Valkyrie will be released on both PC and mobile devices. The official launch date has not been revealed.