Choose From As Many As 40 Characters And 36 Stages In Street Fighter V: Champion Edition

Choose From As Many As 40 Characters And 36 Stages In Street Fighter V: Champion Edition
Credit: Street Fighter via Youtube

Capcom just dropped the trailer announcing the Street Fighter V: Champion Edition. The game, which is out next year, will feature 40 characters to choose from.

The original Street Fighter V was released in February 2016, and it only featured 16 characters. Four of the characters were new. They were F.A.N.G, Laura, Rashid, and Necalli. Additional characters were later added in the various DLCs, separated by seasons. By the time Season 4 is finished, there were 40 characters in all.

For instance, in Season 2, five new characters were added. They were Ed, Menat, Kolin, Abigail, and Zeku. Falke and G were introduced in Season 3, while Kage and Lucia were added in Season 4.

Of course, you still have your classic characters as Balrog, Chun-Li, Dhalsim, Vega, Ryu, Ken, Cammy, and Guile.

The events of the Street Fighter V take place between Street Fighter III and Street Fighter IV. Charlie Nash wakes up in a tomb and was told to go to Guile to secure an item. The item will supposedly help destroy Bison once and for all. Charlie challenges Bison who proved to be too powerful. However, Charlie sacrifices his life to weaken Bison enough for Ryu to defeat him.

In January 2018, the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition was released in the US. The game included an Extra Battle Mode and an Arcade Mode. The Championship Edition is the follow-up to that game.

The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will also feature 36 stages, as well as an Arcade Mode. There would also be Team Battle, Online Matches, Cinematic Story, Extra Battle Challenges, and Fighting Chance.

Gill will also be added to the Champion Edition. He is not really a new character since he was teased in Street Fighter III. If you followed the story “A Shadow Falls,” he was revealed to be the puppet master.

The character features muscles on end with a two-toned color split in the middle. You can probably ignore the fact that he is wearing yellow Speedos. Nevertheless, he has the ability to shoot orbs that can torch or freeze you into a popsicle. The V-Trigger 1 of Gill is “Primal Fire,” which means flames from above can rain down on the opponent. The V-Trigger 2 is “Ice of Doom,” which is similar to the Diamond Dust of Kolin. The V-Skill, meanwhile, is called the “Diving Comet.” Instead of fire, a hailstorm will rain down upon the enemy.

The Street Fighter V: Champion Edition will be released on Feb. 14, 2020.