Fortnite Chapter 2 Arrives With Fun-Packed Adventures, Here Is A List Of The Exciting Features

Fortnite Chapter 2 Arrives With Fun-Packed Adventures, Here Is A List Of The Exciting Features
Credit: Fortnite via YouTube

Fortnite Chapter 2 was finally dropped, and it is packed with exciting features and adventures. Some changes in the map can also be observed.

This week, Epic Games launched the enhancements it has made for its popular title. Several elements, including new items and weapons, have been integrated into the chapter’s Season 1 Battle Pass.

To make the game even more fun and challenging, players have been given a different task this week. They have to find the missing “F.” As such, they have to search the entire New World to locate the hidden letter.

The initial Fortnite Chapter 2 mission can be tricky. This may be because it is the first time for gamers to see such an area. Their unfamiliarity of the place can add up to the time they spend to collect the letter “F.”

Apart from this fun yet time-consuming task, players may also experience other features and adventures. Season 1 Battle Pass boasts of gameplay that would test the fans’ skills and ability to optimize the weapons. These are the most notable changes following the update:

The map has numerous locations. Discovering these 13 areas to visit could be extra challenging. Players, therefore, have to find the best strategy to finally remove the “X” mark on each of the locations.

The juice-like body of water can be used as a shield. In Fortnite Chapter 2, the Slurpy Swamp can protect players through its glowing waters.

Haystacks and dumpsters can be a place to hide. As players cover themselves, they can drop explosives on their opponents without the latter noticing the action. Fans may opt to blow up the explosive barrels and gas tanks to defeat the enemies.

Weapons can be upgraded. To make powerful moves against the opponents, players have the option to upgrade the weapons they found around the map.

Players can be more expressive of their support to their squadmates. They can heal them using the Bandage Bazooka or give them a high five for an excellent job.

A new XP system has been introduced. In Fortnite Chapter 2, the battle pass level can be improved using XP, instead of the old battle pass.

Despite introducing enhancements to the game, some fans have remained disappointed. Bugs have been noticed, which have made the players annoyed.

Keep posted for more Fortnite Chapter 2 news and updates to find out if the bugs have already been addressed.