Star Wars The Old Republic Removing Old Currencies And Changing Galactic Command To Galactic Renown

Star Wars The Old Republic Removing Old Currencies And Changing Galactic Command To Galactic Renown
Credit: Bioware

With the October 22nd expansion drawing ever closer, it’s important for players to understand the coming changes to the currencies and Galactic Command System.  The current Command System is a complicated one filled with RNG, meaning that getting specific items from it is unlikely at best and outright frustrating at worst.

The way the command system currently works is that once a player hits the level cap of 70, they start to get command xp, which works them toward 300 command ranks. Each command rank-up grants players a box full of random gear, which include moddable items, mounts, gifts, and the most important item, a piece of tiered gear. The tiered gear are weapons and armor that are suited specifically for a maxed level player, and depending on your command rank, you get higher tiered gear.

The problem with this system is that players need to go up 100 command ranks to get tier 2 gear, and even higher for tiers 3 and 4.  This means that players are required to grind a great deal in order to get those higher tier items.  And even if a player is at the required rank to get the next tier, you can’t guarantee that you’ll get any of the gear you want due to the random nature of the command crates.

The new Renown system fixes that. No longer do you need to wait until level 70 to start getting Renown xp; instead, you’ll get Renown xp at a flat rate from the start.  And you’ll always get items from the Renown crates that are relative to your current gear rating.  This eliminates two of the biggest problems that players have had with the Command system.

Renown will also be a seasonal thing; so instead of grinding up to 300 ranks and staying there, you’ll be reset once a season to level 1, so you can start the process of gaining your bragging rights once again.

Players will also get a massive change to the in-game currencies. Once again, the developers realize how bloated adding extra in-game currencies make the game and are removing several of them with the coming expansion. The currencies that will be removed are Command Tokens, Unassembled Components, Masterwork Crystals, Monumental Data Crystals and Alliance Recon Data.

Removal of some currencies will make getting certain things easier; for example, the loss of Alliance Recon Data will remove a restriction on getting the Umbara stronghold. The loss of others will be felt harder; players who have been hoarding Unassembled Components while they try to get enough for a tier 2 set will need to get rid of them quickly if they want to have something to show for their time.

As we get closer and closer to the expansion, players are getting excited about these changes. We can find out the exact time the servers will go down for the update on the swtor twitter at when the time come.