HTC Vive Cosmos Not Living Up To The Hype? Early Online Reviews On The Headset Are Brutal

HTC Vive Cosmos Not Living Up To The Hype? Early Online Reviews On The Headset Are Brutal
Credit: Virtual Reality Oasis via YouTube

The HTC Vive Cosmos, with its tagline of “Go Beyond,” seems to be crashing hard to earth.

Early online reviews of the product were negative so far. On Amazon, for instance, the HTC Vive Cosmos scored a measly 3.8 out of 5 stars. Still a passing grade, but does it justify the expensive price tag?

In terms of the price tag, the VR headset sits between the Oculus Rift S and the Valve Index. It has to be connected to a PC, although HTC claimed that the Vive Cosmos eventually connects to your phone. Instead of the Vive remotes, HTC took a page from Oculus Touch for the design of the controllers.

On paper, the HTC Vive Cosmos ticks all the boxes when it comes to high-end potential and affordability. However, the main knock on the headset was the less-than-stellar interface. The tracking technology also leaves a lot to be desired.

The piece features dual tracking cameras on the front and center. There are four more tacked on the sides. All those cameras are essential to achieve the 310-degree field of vision, as promised by HTC.

Another problem with the headpiece is its constant requirement for bright natural light. This can be an issue when you play at night with only the light of the room as illumination. The headpiece will warn you that the brightness is not adequate for an optimal VR experience.

Also, users complained about having difficulty finding the sweet spot. Either the headpiece wasn’t comfortable, but the picture was clear, or you are comfortable, but the images are blurry. The blurriness is very prominent on the periphery of the lens.

Some users also commented that the headpiece looked cheap. Even the faceplate makes a rattling sound when you shake it. The original Vive felt more solid compared to the Vive HTC Cosmos.

The controllers are also very divisive. Some liked the weight and the heftiness. Others thought that the controllers were awkward. However, they were one in saying that the controllers consume too much power. You need to buy two AA batteries for each controller, which would last about seven hours of continuous use. HTC also failed to map the controllers with the game titles.

With that said, HTC has committed to addressing all issues with software upgrades for a more seamless experience. The Taiwanese company is taking note of all the feedback and working toward a resolution to improve user experience.