Bioware’s Anthem Is Getting A Halloween-Themed Event Called Season Of Skulls

Bioware’s Anthem Is Getting A Halloween-Themed Event Called Season Of Skulls
Credit: Anthem Game via YouTube

When Anthem was first teased at E3, many were excited about the possibilities of this online multiplayer experience. It seemed like such a novel idea flying around in iron-man like suits and completing missions with a group of friends. Unfortunately, Bioware ran into a lot of developmental issues that pretty much doomed Anthem from the start.

Gamers were disappointed by the overall content that was presented. There just didn’t seem like a lot to do, which is a shame because this game had so much potential. Still, Bioware has worked diligently to make improvements where necessary. They’re not giving up on the game and believe with time and the right adjustments, this game can be what it should have been at launch.

Their cataclysm event was a major improvement that added additional missions and better gameplay experiences. Now, Bioware is rolling out a Halloween-themed event called Season of Skulls. A lot of developers are taking the same approach as to give their fans a chance to celebrate this spooky holiday season.

If you’ve managed to continue playing Anthem despite all of the obstacles it has had to overcome, this latest update is probably a welcomed surprise. It’s bringing a ghostly design to Fort Tarsis, which should get players in the mood for some Halloween fun this month.

There are all sorts of new activities players can complete in celebration of a new season. If you enjoy taking on enemy after enemy to build up your player’s skill, then Arenas is a mode you’ll want to check out throughout Season of Skulls. All of the events that you complete during this themed event will net you crystals, which can be spent on cosmetic gear and other noteworthy upgrades.

If you haven’t played Anthem in a while and want to see what major improvements have been made, now’s a good time to explore Anthem’s open world. Even though the game has received a lot of negative feedback, at least Bioware acknowledges their faults and is still trying to support the title.

It’s not how you start the race but how you finish. If they can keep creating themed events and different seasons with major improvements, Anthem could get back some of the momentum it has lost. Time will tell. If will also be interesting to see if Bioware decides to tackle a sequel. Maybe they could learn from their mistakes and get it right on second try.