Activision Not Giving Up On Mobile Controller Support For Call Of Duty: Mobile?

Activision Not Giving Up On Mobile Controller Support For Call Of Duty: Mobile?
Credit: IGN via YouTube

The Call of Duty: Mobile is one of the most popular titles, with more than 100 million downloads so far.

However, fans have been demanding that Activision bring back the mobile controller support for the shooter game.

According to the report from the UK’s Daily Express, game designers have not abandoned the feature entirely. What’s interesting is that the mobile controller support was offered during the Call of Duty: Mobile beta phase. It’s not clear why the developer dropped the feature altogether.

A statement from Activision shared on Reddit advised fans to “hang tight.” A mobile controller support is in the works. They are just making sure that users won’t encounter a glitch when they use the accessory. But the developer promised that they would offer support “sometime in the future.”

The Call of Duty: Mobile had the most successful launch in the history of mobile games. In the first week alone, the game exceeded the numbers by Pokemon GO, Mario Kart Tour, PUBG, and Fortnite.

CNBC reported that only Mario Kart Tour was able to come close to Call of Duty: Mobile’s numbers. Still, the Nintendo title was 10 million short. Pokemon Go, meanwhile, managed 85 million downloads in the first week of release.

Meanwhile, even if you combine both the numbers for PUBG and Fortnite, they are still short by 50 million downloads. That’s how successful the mobile version of the CoD is.

The Call of Duty: Mobile has no campaign mode. Instead, you can play multiplayer or a Battle Royale mode. It should be noted that the Battle Royale mode won’t be populated with humans all the time. Bots are added to reduce the waiting time between games.

Players feel that playing Call of Duty on their mobile device is such a challenge. You need a bigger screen to improve your field of vision and still have full control of the keys. The mobile game has two control modes–the basic mode and the advanced mode. Also, it’s a balancing act to rein the dedicated firing button since it drastically impacts the accuracy.

But to resolve this, you simply switch to the advanced mode, which has a dedicated firing trigger. Of course, you also have to temper your expectations. Touch controls could never compare to the experience of playing the game using PS4 or Xbox One controllers.

However, all these issues could have been resolved if the Call of Duty: Mobile supports Bluetooth controllers. For now, fans only need to “hang tight.”